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  1. BarbaraShepperson

    Puppy chin acne

    Thank you all for the advise, she is doing a little better with some of the pimples drying up.
  2. BarbaraShepperson

    Porkchop has passed

    Very sorry to hear about Pork Chop, he was a special boy. He will be greatly missed by all that know him. I hope in time your pain lightens some. Robert and Barbara
  3. BarbaraShepperson

    Puppy chin acne

    Hi all, Our 7 mo. old girl is having an ongoing issue with chin acne. She has had it for about two months. We keep bowls and face clean, and have tried wrinkle balm, brushing teeth, changing food, colostrum, and several other remedies. It is now worse than ever. Everything else with her skin and...