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  1. Mona19

    Soft Palate surgery

    Hello, if your baby is not having extreme difficulty breathing i would not do it. we did it twice for out baby, the first time she was almost 2 and she did great. keep in mind once you performed the surgery it does not mean their palate would no collapse again. the second time she was 8y/o and...
  2. Mona19

    Tail pocket

    Hello, we had the same issue with our Bulldog. You need to keep the area clean and DRY every day. Douxo wipes are great to clean that area, try to avoid lakes, pools etc. It can be that she/he has what is called "in grow tail" and in this case it has to be removed surgically ( which it was the...
  3. Mona19

    Any tips on keeping my two children healthy for as long as possible ?

    Keep doing the great job. please read The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib... :)
  4. Mona19

    In need of advice. We don't know what to do.

    Hello, I am really sorry to hear you are going though this situation with your baby.. it sounds to me ( i am not a vet) that your baby was overmedicated. please visit or Rotational Mono Feeding Diet ( Facebook). i am not trying to sell you anything, my bulldog (9 1/2...
  5. Mona19

    Help Needed! Reoccurring UTI

    Hi, Prednisone is a very strong drug! even for humans, because its steroids type. and one of the side effects are recurring UTI's. I will strongly recommend you to visit a dermatologist to look for DIFFERENT ALTERNATIVE for her allergies. most of the times regular vets will prescribed all kind...