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  1. Alice Kable

    just got my 10 week old bantam bulldogge

    I've been AWOL, but Buster is half French, half Olde English Bulldogge. He is adorable like your Minnie! I am excited to hear that people are breeding "halfies" because when our precious EB Ruggles passes I would LOVE to get another blended Bulldog!
  2. Alice Kable

    Over A 99 CENT Pizza!!!

    The moral is stay away from those 99 cent pizzas and always look in the oven before you turn it on! I hear Bulldog kisses help burns heal!
  3. Alice Kable

    Brock and the new puppy, possible issue?

    They are adorable! Brock is Mr. Mom and keeping the baby clean!
  4. Alice Kable


    I'd get her in to her vet right away!
  5. Alice Kable

    Other Finn will have surgery on his tail

    Henny, I'm sorry Finn needs surgery, but he will feel so much better when it is healed! Prayers and hugs to you both!
  6. Alice Kable

    First Solo Birthday - Linus would have been 8!

    That is a sweet Linus story. Happy birthday, Jill. Your great big boy is smiling down on you!
  7. Alice Kable

    Why Vegas is perfect for me.......

    Sweet Vegas, as long as you don't mind Bully butt in your face! Take care, Kelly! I hope you're feeling better!
  8. Alice Kable


    Just found this post. Ruggles had a Beanie Baby in and out of his stomach for a month. He would barf it up and eat it again at night, so I wasn't sure what it was. Finally he puked it up, it was early morning light but I clearly saw "Wormy". Of course he had eaten again by the time I got...
  9. Alice Kable

    Happy 7th Birthday Ruggles!

    Ruggles thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! He had a great day including some pumpkin cake!
  10. Alice Kable

    Happy 7th Birthday Ruggles!

    Ruggles is 7 today, so I guess he's a senior, but still looking good!
  11. Alice Kable

    New Puppy

    I have not had a problem introducing a puppy to an adult dog in my home. The adult recognizes the puppy is a baby and isn't threatened. I have taken the precaution of leashing the adult, just in case.... When the puppy starts feeling comfortable and is playing with Utley, make sure Utley gets...
  12. Alice Kable

    new pictures

    Beautiful pictures!
  13. Alice Kable

    I am comfy daddy

    She's a sweetheart!
  14. Alice Kable

    My baby bullies weren't welcome :(

    I agree 100%! Do what is best for your family!
  15. Alice Kable

    Bully from Greece

    Welcome to you and your new baby! Can't wait for pictures!
  16. Alice Kable

    We Finally Got Our Santa Paws Pictures!

    Thank you all! My boys are perfect for each other!
  17. Alice Kable

    Up all night!

    Tate is so cute!