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  1. dieMuttivonBifi

    Not happy

    He is sooo not happy about wearing his new jacket:D. It‘s -5C out so i decided to put it on him. He doesn‘t wanna walk and keeps giving me this sulky grumpy face. Ok i don‘t know why the pictures are sideways.
  2. dieMuttivonBifi

    Bifi is still here.

    Hello EBN. How‘s everyone doing? We haven‘t been on here for quite a while so here is Bifi saying his greetings... hope you enjoy this very short video i made of Bifi with a cameo appearance of his diva sister Klatschi. Ok it seems I have been gone a long time that I‘ve forgotten how to post a...
  3. dieMuttivonBifi


    Hi everyone! Has anyone tried this chew toy before? came across it in Facebook. Read good things about them. Just asking if anyone here has any experience with it. Dogs 51-100 lbs | Indestructibone Dog Chew Toysâ„¢
  4. dieMuttivonBifi


    Hello everyone! Have a question for you. Does anyone here favor one furkid to another? For a couple of months now, we welcomed Klatschi into our home and family. I love her to death but Bifi is my very special boy. He holds my heart and soul. I try to be impartial but i guess it still shows lol...
  5. dieMuttivonBifi

    A pug with no name

    Hello everyone! Please meet Quirky or Klatschi or Muffin, Blacky, Boulette depends who you ask: me, my hubby, my neighbors .... She has no definite name..yet. Her name on her vaccines record is Muffin which she also doesn't respond to lol. She's a black 6 year old pug. For the last year or so...
  6. dieMuttivonBifi

    Bulldog Veterinarians list in the US

    I thought maybe you guys may find this list helpful :) Copied it from this website: Bulldog Veterinarians View Map of Bulldog Veterinarians Bulldog Veterinarians are a highly skilled group of Veterinarians that have experience successfully dealing with the various unique physical attributes...
  7. dieMuttivonBifi

    Finally a Coolaroo!

    Bought him a knock off last year because the Coolaroo available here was too expensive (more than a hundred bucks). And he loved it! It lasted a year and now there's a Coolaroo available in amazon that i can finally afford so i immediately bought one, though there's no other color available...
  8. dieMuttivonBifi

    "Dog garden"

    We brought Bifi to a newly opened dog park near us. They named it Dog garden. Bifi had a blast! So many doggie behinds to sniff and so many dogs he could try to hump. We met an English Bulldog too and they were as excited to see Bifi as we are to see their dog lol. It was a great day for my boy...
  9. dieMuttivonBifi

  10. dieMuttivonBifi

    It's Bifi's third birthday!!!

    To commemorate his special day i bought him a Veal's Knuckle for dinner and chicken liver for dessert lol. It's almost 2 kilos. Sooo proud of my baby boy!
  11. dieMuttivonBifi

    Flying Bulldog

    Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh please excuse the mess lol. It's mostly his stuff: His bulldog stuffy and ball on the window sill. His toy suitcase on the left and his towel hanging on the stationary bike that's been there for a couple of days hahaha.
  12. dieMuttivonBifi

    Mr. Adorable

    We are eating, he's salivating adding to his cute factor.
  13. dieMuttivonBifi

    Biggest ball he owns.

    About two weeks ago we found yoga balls for sale for only 6 bucks! so we bought 4. A neighbor's dog destroyed the one we stole from his grandma so he got to use one of the new ones yesterday. It has a circumference of 85 cm. The biggest ball he owns so far. He loves it! Here's a video of him...
  14. dieMuttivonBifi

    Help needed Flying to the Philippines

    Hello everyone! Need a little help here please. I'm thinking of going back to the Philippines for an indefinite stay and ofcourse Bifi must go with me. But i'm worried he might not survive the flight. If i can't bring him then i can only stay for 4 weeks ( been one stressful year for me, a...
  15. dieMuttivonBifi

    Proud to be his mom

    Aren't you amazed at how many ways they can make us laugh or simply smile? Here's something funny: While walking home one day, Bifi suddenly lifted his right front paw. Thinking that he stepped on something sharp, I immediately checked his paw for thorns, small pieces of glass, blood, puncture...
  16. dieMuttivonBifi

    The Goof

    Hubby txted me while i'm at work the other night and said: "Look at your lazy dog". Then sent me these pictures He later told me, soon as they were out the door Bifi lied down on our neighbor's dogs' favorite place to pee. Then walked about five feet and did the second picture lol. Here is...
  17. dieMuttivonBifi

    Picnic at the park

    went grilling at the only park where we're allowed to grill with charcoals lol. And ofcourse Bifi gets to have some too. I always have to watch out for him because he wants to visit our neighbors, kids playing with badminton and soccer! He wants to take part on the action too but the parents are...
  18. dieMuttivonBifi

    Experiencing head tremors

    About 2 months ago i woke up because i felt Bifi was restless and i thought he keeps on scratching coz the bed was moving. When i opened my eyes, my heart sank. We were having our first head tremor. I felt so bad and helpless. It almost made me cry! He was obviously confused. Thankfully i read...
  19. dieMuttivonBifi

    Bifi and his yoga ball

    This is how Bifi plays with his yoga ball. When he sees it, it's like he's on crack :D. He simply goes crazy. Just the air pump alone makes him very excited. Too bad he can't play it out front our apartment because there are alot of thorny bushes around. He needs to be brought to a park to be...