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  1. JennyeStear

    Jagger does not like frogs...

    Or slippers..... All the girls are out with my husband for ice cream and I was in the shower. I got out and couldn't find Jagger and he wouldn't come when I called him?!?!? So in my towel I start searching the house and find a chewed up slipper but not Jagger???? He was hiding in Cate's bed...
  2. JennyeStear

    Jagger not in a sharing mood

    Jagger has been a brat today. He doesn't want to share anything. He came and sat on poor Spud to make him get off the bed.
  3. JennyeStear

    Ellie decided it was ok

    Ellie has high anxiety and almost everything makes her nervous. Cate was facing timing with my niece who is in the New Orleans Children's hospital. Typically Cate won't lay down with Ellie. When she moves around it makes Ellie nervous and she usually just walks away but for some reason...
  4. JennyeStear

    Cate really loves Jagger

    I honestly believe Jagger thinks Cate is a weird, hairless puppy. :) She always lays in the floor. It started out Jagger watching over her. Then it turned into him sleeping. Cate just got up and said "Jagger stole my blanket"
  5. JennyeStear

    Jagger is awful in bed

    This California king size bed seems really small with a 60lb bulldog sprawled out in it
  6. JennyeStear

    Trying so hard to be good!!!

    Jagger loves to be rough and tumble with the Crime Boss, Lucy. But Miko ( much older and mellow). Just likse to relax and chill. It's taking everything Jagger has to not just lay on her :) lol
  7. JennyeStear

    The look of guilt

    They are at it again!!!! The Crime Boss Lucy (the cat) decided to play with some of Cate's hair bows and knocked one in the floor. Jagger decided it was the perfect thing to destroy. I know it's a hair bow what's the big deal. Well, it's a one of a kind hair bow. Made by a boutique owner...
  8. JennyeStear

    They were cold

    Our electricity went out today. I started the generator and put a lamp in the office and a little heater so all the fur babies would stay warm. Ellie and Jagger found the best spot to stay warm.
  9. JennyeStear

    Jagger after his walk

    Our walk today just wore him out
  10. JennyeStear

    Enjoying our New Years Day

    Took Jagger on a long walk is is passed out inside. Since Ellie has been having leg trouble we just play in the yard. Enjoying the sunshine Making sure Cate doesn't go too far. If Cate gets out of Ellie's sight she has to go find her :) Stealing Cate's nature goodies she is gathering
  11. JennyeStear

    This is how I wake up everyday

    This picture is a little off but this is what I see when I wake up everyday a bulldog and a little person :)
  12. JennyeStear

    Jagger hates Mondays

    This is how we feel about Monday in our house
  13. JennyeStear

    Christmas present

    Jagger loves his present from Cate!!! She picked out a Jolly Ball for him. He absolutely LOVES it!!!! We got one for Ellie but she was afraid of it so we took it back. Jagger loves his, he walks around flinging it everywhere, chews it, lays on top of and rolls all over it. He knocked me in...
  14. JennyeStear

    Jagger helping cook

    Today is my family's Christmas and Jagger is helping my husband cook :) This is how things go missing when Jagger "helps"
  15. JennyeStear

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Hope everyone gets to enjoy the holidays with little or no drama!!!the bulldogs would not wear the hats I got for them they just kept trying to eat them lol Cate and Jagger. This really captures Cate's personality :) Cate and Ellie. Finally a normal picture.
  16. JennyeStear

    Cate's find...

    Cate found this today and BEGGED for it :). She of course got it. He has named it Jagger and asked for a black marker so she can make it look like him lol
  17. JennyeStear

    A little large...

    Jagger still tries to sleep in his baby bed!!! He has a huge bed in the living room with memory foam. Right now he is snoring away.
  18. JennyeStear

    Jagger's pout face

    Jagger was using the Christmas tree as a back scratcher. My husband got on to him. This is his pout face. He laid like this for 20 minutes.
  19. JennyeStear

    Cabin Fever

    The bull babies have cabin fever as bad as the kids right now. The kids have been out of school a full school week ,Lord please get these curtain climbers back in class lol The bulldogs are starting to go nuts too. Typically, we take our little walks. But the ice just makes it dangerous...