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    Frankie ate...

    Hey, how's Frankie doing? No news good news?
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    Is this normal? old is he? Could he have gotten into something in the yard that is causing this reaction?
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    Well, the breeder said two of the four (Leo being one of the four) have outgrown their murmurs. As yours have done, he shows no signs of a murmur at all. We are hoping come November/December he will be murmur free so we can get him fixed. Our vet said he would not recommend getting him fixed if...
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    Mr. June ya think I'm centerfold material?????

    Hubba Hubba! My Mona Lisa wants to know his age (wink, wink)
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    kim n the guys Sorry for any confusion. We had the echo gram done (at $515) and he was graded a level 3, which the breeders vet and our vet said first. Its at a year that another echo needs to be done to see if Leo outgrew the murmur. Bless your heart for taking care of your two with heart...
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    Tired after playing in the water!

    Bless her little heart. Love it when they wear themselves out and then chill the rest of the day. :-) She's adorable.
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    Help Needed! Prayers are needed for my Captain.

    thoughts and prayers are being sent your way! Please keep us posted and give that boy kisses from all of us. God Bless. Carmin
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    The boss of the house!!

    Great pictures. Looks like he knows where the chillin spot is, the kitchen. :-)
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    Collar or Harness?

    Great question! I use both. I don't really have a rhyme or reason as to which I use when, so I'm sure I'm of no help to you. I have heard Cesar Milan say if you put the collar high up on the dogs neck you control their head and when you control their head you control the dog. Are either of them...
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    Appetite change, is it normal.

    I have central air and use it, too, but that still can deter Mona from eating a meal....
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    Hugo 8 months old

    Oh boys and their dog - what a wonderful sight. I love the second picture most, really shows that Hugo is "all boy"
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    Thanks again for the sweet compliments, ya'll. We were hoping a boy would help bring Momo outta her shell and its certainly worked. :-) And Lele loves his big sister. He can't go to sleep unless they are touching. Possibly to Momo's chagrin, LOL
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    Oh yeah, been there, done that. I noticed Momo was squatting 2-3 times when I'd take her out, which was totally unlike her, but I didn't think anything else about it. Then a few days went by and I noticed little spots of blood and we went to the vet the next day with a urine same. Momo is 6. The...
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    2BullyMama I haven't told the 1/2 of it! When I drove down to Atlanta my transmission went out and had to be replaced. Then on my drive back home it took me 22 nonstop hours to get home because I got caught in the horrific snow/sleet/ice storm that hit the south towards the end of January...
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    I need help - my 8 month old bulldog is pooing in house and isn't even bothered !

    Please do not humanize your dogs behavior. I took my dog outside one time and he peed and pooped. He came back in, jumped up on the recliner, and pooped again. I assume the act of jumping up made his bowels loose more and he wasn't finished outside like I thought he was. Perhaps the same thing...
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    Why is my bulldog uninterested in her toys??

    Its hard to say. Mona didn't really care about toys until Leo came into the picture. Now they fight over duplicate toys! :w00t:
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    Hey Ya'll - its been awhile

    Thanks a bunch! I never thought I'd own a boy dog but gosh does my chest puff up with pride over these two. We are very lucky.
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    awe shucks..thanks ya'll
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    I need help - my 8 month old bulldog is pooing in house and isn't even bothered !

    First let me say I can certainly understand how frustrating this is. Instead of putting him in his crate can she put a leash on him and keep him by her side (or atleast 6' away) until he gets it to do his business outside? Do ya'll praise praise praise him when he does poop outside? The create...
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    Hey Ya'll - its been awhile

    I posted 'em - promise. Look under the bulldog pics threads