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  1. Jmlevin

    Bulldog refusing to go on walks

    Hey Guys, My 5 year old english bulldog named Boris, has become very stubborn with his walks recently, besides going outside and doing his business, he wants to turn right back around and go home. I live in nyc, and he used to love to go to the park and on nice walks with me. He hates going to...
  2. Jmlevin

    Boris luxating patella

    Hey everyone Boris was playing fetch at the park yesterday and after I realized he was limping, I brought him to the vet, originally I thought he must have just sprained something when the vet came in and she examined him she said it is a luxating patella he will need surgery for I'm bringing...
  3. Jmlevin

    Eating things not supposed to

    Hey everyone yesterday Boris when I was out chewed a piece of furniture and ripped the wood with the small nails that hold the material together out and I could tell he wasn't feeling well and brought him to the vet they did X-rays and there were 2 tiny nails in his stomach. They wound up having...
  4. Jmlevin

    Boris Soft Palate Surgery

    Hey Boris is going in tomorrow for Neuter/Soft Palate Surgery I wanted to know if anyone had experience with there bully and this surgery and how the recovery time was and how there dog was after this procedure thank you
  5. Jmlevin

    Boris Upset Stomach

    Hey Boris is 8 months old I've been feeding him fromm gold puppy food since he's 2 months and did great on it. The past month on and off he's been having diarreah I've brought him to the vet a few times they tested for worms and parasites it came back negative the vet gave me metronidazole which...
  6. Jmlevin

    Hello This is Boris

    Hey I'm justin I'm new to the forum. I have a 8 month old wrinkley handsome bully named Boris I've had him since 2 months old And he is the love of my life. I'll post some pics of Boris from puppy to now I'm excited to be part of this forum I'll post another thread I've been concerned about his...