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    Article: Fromm's Spring Time Bulldog Contest Winner!

    :congrats2:! Such a wonderful picture :2thumbs:
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    Gardening work

    Sweet picture :heart: Guarding a precious ball is hard work :yes:;) Püppy has got exactly the same ball :D The first one of these she got when she was young - she loved to destroy him to all those little strings those particular balls are made of. Later, when I decided to buy her another one...
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    :cake3:Happy belated 1st Birthday, sweet Diesel!:birthday2: :snoopy:
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    Happy Birthday Harlea

    :pupbirthday: Happy belated 3rd Birthday, sweet Harlea :heartsign::cake2:
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    Poor Rosie does not understand why the Kitty,s will not play

    Beautiful Rosie is so sweet! It's great Nanna and Rosie love each other! Yes, the pictures tell a wonderful, cute story :yes:
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    Mom.....Mom..... MOMMMMMMM ! What Joey?

    That's sweet :heart: I hope you will feel better soon!
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    Walter's surgery is in the morning...

    Hi Tracey, I'm very glad Walter's surgery went so well :hug: And I'm sorry he has been diagnosed with spondylosis. Personally I don't have any experiences with spondylosis, but I knew a boxer who was diagnosed with it (in the frontal part of the spine, breast area) before being two years old...
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    My Bulldog appears Sad and Depressed

    Hi Patrick, I agree with the others that it could be the pain or (/and?) the comibnation of many different medications that may cause Maximus' depression. And I agree that going outside and sunbathing could help him feeling better - to my mind, too, came the option to take him into a wagon or...
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    Help Needed! Desperate for help!! 4 mo old EB with severe hypoplastic trachea

    I'm so sorry your sweet little Bentley and you are going through this. I don't have any experiences with hypoplastic trachea. It is great that you are trying everything and that you found such a good vet who really cares for Bentley! Did the breeder ask in the meantime how Bentley feels now...
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    Photo And Video Theme: Miss Paisley

    What a sweet beautiful girl :luv:
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    Article: April 2016 Bulldog of the Month Winners!

    :congrats2: to both winners! Two wonderful beautiful bully-smiles, I love them both :heart::heart:
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    Bristol is back in the ER

    I'm so sorry Bristol and you are going through this :( I'm sure she is guarded very well in the hospital and if she should need something they can help her immediately :assurred: Bristol is a strong little girl :hug: Sending prayers and positive thoughts :heartsign:
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    THANK YOU-Crate Put Away

    :2thumbs:Well done Joey! You can be so proud of your big little girl :yes:
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    if looks could kill

    Awww, poor little satellite :rain: