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  1. Vader The Bully

    Logan's so big already!! Both pups lookin good! Maybe we'll bump into each other at Butchko...

    Logan's so big already!! Both pups lookin good! Maybe we'll bump into each other at Butchko again soon!
  2. Vader The Bully

    Daily Poll: Do you have any framed pictures of your bulldog in your home?

    Actually, for Father's day this year I was given a frame with multiple pictures of me and the fathead! So that one, along with his Wall of Fame, which will feature all of his obedience class certificates and him posing with them. (Fingers crossed we'll add a CGC in the near future!)
  3. Vader The Bully

    Daily poll: Does your bully watch TV?

    Vader loves to watch pretty much anything that we're watching at the time, but he goes especially bonkers for that Disney short "Feast." The one about the little puppy that eats all the food. He LOVES that one.
  4. Vader The Bully

    Daily poll: How many puppies were in your Bulldogs litter(s)?

    Vader has 3 brothers and 1 sister, and every one of them was too cute to handle. It's a miracle we didn't leave with all of them (and thank goodness for that!)
  5. Vader The Bully

    This boy certainly isn't stupid!

    I love when people ask me, "Aren't bulldogs, like, the dumbest dogs there are?" I have to hold my hand back from smacking them upside their ignorant little heads! First off, don't insult my damn dog, he's sitting right here, he can HEAR YOU. Secondly, why don't you get to know the little buggers...
  6. Vader The Bully

    Busters learning to Skateboard!

    That's great! He seems to really be picking it up well! Right now, I have to hold a treat at the front of the board and then walk backwards, but Vader's starting to get the idea of pushing it. Can't wait to see him up and riding!
  7. Vader The Bully

    Your bully baby photos

    Vader's still pretty much a puppy, so I'll share pics of when he was in real baby mode. This is him when he was really a baby. I think between 4 and 6 weeks? And this was his first day home with us!
  8. Vader The Bully

    What's your favorite Beatles song?

    Haha I love the route this ended up going! Shoot To Thrill Thunderstruck Back In Black
  9. Vader The Bully

    Your bully's age and weight

    Vader is 4 1/2 months right now and weighed in just over 25 pounds when I weighed him a few days ago. He just recently really started to pack it on fast though.
  10. Vader The Bully

    Hello from Iceland!

    :welcome: She's such a cutie! Funny coincidence, my wife and I were just discussing a visit to Iceland today!
  11. Vader The Bully

    Would your bully pass the Canine Good Citizen Test?

    We are actually about to start Basic Obedience next week with the hopes he can pass too! Vader would probably have a tough time with 3 and 5 right now. He's totally in to exploring everyone around when we're out walking in crowds. He's only 4 1/2 months right now so we've got some time to work...
  12. Vader The Bully

    Daily poll: Has your bully ever warned you of any danger?

    Vader barks to warn us that there's sunlight coming through the blinds. But really, he gets quite suspicious about random people walking through the apartment complex who pass by our windows.
  13. Vader The Bully

    Vader the lick-monster

    Yeah he burps after eating because he's like a little piggy. The hacking is more random, and hasn't really happened today. But when it does it's almost like he's trying to clear his throat. Like I said, I don't really mind the licking myself. I'm sure there are some people who wouldn't like it...
  14. Vader The Bully

    Vader the lick-monster

    Hi friends :) I had a question regarding my fathead. You'd think we'd be thankful his biting and chomping have stopped, and that he seems to have replaced it with licking, but it does bring up some questions for me. I mean he licks EVERYTHING. I can't really tell if it's just who he is or if...
  15. Vader The Bully

    Boris the spaz

    :ROFL: That is just too funny! When we ride in the car, we put Vader in his crate. He usually will pass out after about a minute, but a few weeks ago he was going CRAZY nonstop for a good 10 minutes or so. I finally pulled over to see what was the problem, only to realize my hat was on the seat...
  16. Vader The Bully

    Cupcake is here!

    :welcome: She's a doll!
  17. Vader The Bully

    Brutus the people tamer

    :welcome: I've always loved the name Brutus! Can't watch to see pics of your pudgy wudgy!
  18. Vader The Bully

    just got 2 english bulldog puppies 2 weeks old bottle feeding help

    Again, any update on these pups? Sorry if it's felt like everyone is being harsh on you, but what you'll realize is that bully owners are a very tight knit community, and we truly care for all others. This is a breed that you need to be prepared to own, you need to have done your homework. So...