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  1. AllisonH

    Foster or adoption ?!?!?

    My only concern about that is them still listing him as being adoptable. Then I get arrested for not turning him over..LOL. In all seriousness I have provided all documentation, given my vets name to follow up on our past history. I even gave my work information and that is something I keep...
  2. AllisonH

    Foster or adoption ?!?!?

    Fostering Hoss
  3. AllisonH

    Why can't people be like dogs

    Hope this link works..I read it and thought I would share. AllisonH
  4. AllisonH

    Foster or adoption ?!?!?

    I have been approached about fostering. What the &$%! is the difference between fostering and adopting? I can't adopt him to live with me but I can foster??!!! Do I need to start contemplating my comprehension along with my age? Can someone explain this to me please. AllisonH
  5. AllisonH


    I thought I would try and reach out to anyone here from TN. When I was little I got very very sick and had to have 12 blood transfusions. I try and support the Red Cross as much as I can. I saw on the news tonight that the American Red Cross is in dire need of blood donations this summer in...
  6. AllisonH

    Just a couple of dudes chewing their balls.

    Loving those pics...Very sweet.
  7. AllisonH

    We just joined the reject club

    Sorry t hear that...been there... done that...and then rejected. I had some really good advice from some people here and I followed up with he rescue and told hem they were being unfair and denying a good dog to a good home. I don't know if it will change anything, but I feel better knowing I...
  8. AllisonH


    Some people here have been wanting an update about our adoption process for Hoss. I actually got in touch with the rescue he is no longer with the vet, he is with he rescue org. The adoption is under consideration..BUT their is another adopoter that may be better suited for him. So, we are...
  9. AllisonH

    And 1 more thing...

    ....THAT TICKS ME OFF ABOUT NOT GETTING MY ADOPTION...I turn on the TV and what do I see BULLDOGS EVERYWHERE!! They are on commercials, they are sitting on a stoop representing the USA network...I can tell you this. The Bulldog I chose would have kicked his/her butt right off that stoop and...
  10. AllisonH


    How would I contact the moderators or owners of this site? AllisonH
  11. AllisonH

    I may do that so I can have some re-enforcements..LOL. I called and left them a message this...

    I may do that so I can have some re-enforcements..LOL. I called and left them a message this morning about if thy have someone in Nashville that can come by the condo and I will take them out to the new house. I just want them to understand we have the best intentions and we can give him a...
  12. AllisonH

    No Adoption

    That is a great suggestion!! I never thought about that. When I call them tomorrow I am going to ask if they have an affiliation with someone here in Nashville that will come out and look for them. Thank You!!
  13. AllisonH

    No Adoption

    Someone here gave me some good advice (I WONT SAY THEIR NAME DUE TO THEIR PRIVACY), but I am fighting for dog. I called them back left a message to call me so we can try and work something out..I want my dog...LOOK AT HIM..He's GORGEOUS. Look at that face..JUST GORGEOUS!!!
  14. AllisonH

    No Adoption

    Everyone Thanks for the replies. I'm not doing this again. I really thought this was going to be a good fit. I blame myself, I jumped in way quick and just fell in love with him. I went Saturday and got him a bed to put in my office, some toys and researched to get him the grain free food. I...
  15. AllisonH

    No Adoption

    We didn't get the adoption. I can't believe it. We have to many steps for him b/c he is blind I can not believe it. I fell n love with him as soon as I saw him. I know that we had some issues with him having to adjust to 2 moves and the steps but give me a break, I mean really. I spoke to our...
  16. AllisonH

    A Happy Camper

    You know your comfortable sleeping when your head hangs out...Great pics, love those ears.
  17. AllisonH

    Thank You for the feedback and the links about the food.

    Thank You for the feedback and the links about the food.
  18. AllisonH

    Help Needed! What is....

    What is grain free dog food? Does anyone know who makes it and where you get it? Can you get it at the store or do you have to go to a place like PETCO? With our American Bulldog, she just ate Pedigree. AllisonH
  19. AllisonH

    Adoption Timeline

    Is there a standard timeline when you are adopting? I completed my application yesterday spoke with a contact. I should have asked her, but didn't think about it. AllisoH
  20. AllisonH

    Advice for Transition

    Not yet. I completed the application form yesterday and spoke to the contact. I am supposed to call the vet in the morning. I should have asked her how long the adoption process takes. Hoss is in Knoxville and I live in Nashville about 200 miles away so I am not even sure what the process is...