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  1. AllisonH

    Why can't people be like dogs

    Hope this link works..I read it and thought I would share. AllisonH
  2. AllisonH

    Foster or adoption ?!?!?

    I have been approached about fostering. What the &$%! is the difference between fostering and adopting? I can't adopt him to live with me but I can foster??!!! Do I need to start contemplating my comprehension along with my age? Can someone explain this to me please. AllisonH
  3. AllisonH


    I thought I would try and reach out to anyone here from TN. When I was little I got very very sick and had to have 12 blood transfusions. I try and support the Red Cross as much as I can. I saw on the news tonight that the American Red Cross is in dire need of blood donations this summer in...
  4. AllisonH


    Some people here have been wanting an update about our adoption process for Hoss. I actually got in touch with the rescue he is no longer with the vet, he is with he rescue org. The adoption is under consideration..BUT their is another adopoter that may be better suited for him. So, we are...
  5. AllisonH

    And 1 more thing...

    ....THAT TICKS ME OFF ABOUT NOT GETTING MY ADOPTION...I turn on the TV and what do I see BULLDOGS EVERYWHERE!! They are on commercials, they are sitting on a stoop representing the USA network...I can tell you this. The Bulldog I chose would have kicked his/her butt right off that stoop and...
  6. AllisonH


    How would I contact the moderators or owners of this site? AllisonH
  7. AllisonH

    No Adoption

    We didn't get the adoption. I can't believe it. We have to many steps for him b/c he is blind I can not believe it. I fell n love with him as soon as I saw him. I know that we had some issues with him having to adjust to 2 moves and the steps but give me a break, I mean really. I spoke to our...
  8. AllisonH

    Help Needed! What is....

    What is grain free dog food? Does anyone know who makes it and where you get it? Can you get it at the store or do you have to go to a place like PETCO? With our American Bulldog, she just ate Pedigree. AllisonH
  9. AllisonH

    Adoption Timeline

    Is there a standard timeline when you are adopting? I completed my application yesterday spoke with a contact. I should have asked her, but didn't think about it. AllisoH
  10. AllisonH

    Advice for Transition

    Hello all. Hope everyone is having a great day like me. I am hoping that an adoption goes through for us for a bulldog that I found today. Anyone have advise on making a smooth transition for an adoptee bulldog to your new home. His name is Hoss (May change his name to GORGEOUS, I mean look at...
  11. AllisonH

    New Puppy or Adopt

    Hi everyone. I found this site and thought this would be a great place to start. We are wanting a new pet and I have always wanted an English Bulldog, growing up we always had boxers. We are trying to determine if to adopt an older dog or get a puppy. We have researched the care and...