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  1. LillyNBruin

    Lilly at hospital, kidneys and liver

    So Lilly is at the hospital right now. She's been lethargic and vomiting off and on and the vet thought it was just a stomach bug, but her blood work shows high levels in her kidneys and liver. the vet wasn't sure why this happening...either from a toxin or they've had a problem for awhile. So...
  2. LillyNBruin

    New snoozzzy mat...

    Apparently Lilly needs both
  3. LillyNBruin

    Neurotic or Normal?

    Quick question. This morning my bf was making coffee so he used the water from the Brita pitcher (so yes it was filtered water) and he had a little left over, he didn't want to waste it so he poured the rest into their bowl. Now I know it actually is no big deal and a trace amount of coffee...
  4. LillyNBruin

    General Question Fish Oil - How quick have you seen results?

    Maybe I'm crazy and it's just all in my head. I started Saturday night with the fish oil pills. I swear within 1 hour of taking that pill (after the puke and drool episode) he was hyper and had a spring in his step (and humping Lilly, which is usually the other way around). So since Saturday...
  5. LillyNBruin

    General Question People Fish Oil Pills?

    I want to start giving Bruin & Lilly fish oil, but I absolutely hate fish. The whole idea of having to clean bowls that just had fish oil in it absolutely grosses me out and makes me gag..:barf:...soooooo, what about the capsules? I did a search and see a couple people have/do give capsules (...
  6. LillyNBruin

    Bruin & Lilly Fall Pics

    Sorry, it's been a wicked long time....I'm FINALLY posting some pics from the 'photo shoot' they had
  7. LillyNBruin

    Help Needed! Whitish gunk in ear

    Is this yeast? I thought I knew what yeast was and smelled like, but I'm not sure what this could be. Its a whitish creamy color with NOT a strong odor. The smell is very faint. Bruin isn't really itching his ears, he's just shaking his head here and there. I use Zymox when his ears seem to...
  8. LillyNBruin

    First page I open up to in Good Housekeeping

    I thought it was too cute not to share
  9. LillyNBruin

    Lucky me!

    Every day I've been trying to post in the Photo and Video Theme for LariP's sweaters and it won't let me, dang it! So I just wanted to make a quick thread and say :hahaha: I got the LariP fleecy in the auction :P Just wanted to rub it in a little I can't wait, I'm so excited. :jumpdance:
  10. LillyNBruin

    Android Help

    Ok I cannot figure this out and I've looked at the android forums (really don't want to join and ask a question) Soooo I'm hoping you guys could help me. I have a samsung stratosphere and when I have a voicemail the little icon shows up and that's it. There's no sound that I have a voicemail...
  11. LillyNBruin

    Just some rough housing

    Don't mind my "reprimanding" here and there (I have to make some sort of an effort)
  12. LillyNBruin

    Vue Zone System

    So someone broke into the neighbors house behind us. During the day!! The wife came home around 10am to get something and she saw the ladder up against the house to the second story window and she just thought it was her husband working on something and it wasn't there in the morning when they...
  13. LillyNBruin

    General Question Not needing to pee, No pain

    I generally have to push Bruin from where ever he is laying, through the kitchen to the door and down the stairs to go pee. It never seems like he NEEDS to go out. He's not in pain, he's not showing any distress. He doesn't drink a whole lot but still drinks and eats...he just never seems...
  14. LillyNBruin

    Other I cut the quick!!!

    OMG I feel sooooo horrible. Last night I was going to take a little off Bruin's nails. The first nail I cut the quick, Oh the blood!! I have never seen so much blood. I didn't have any styptic powder and I forgot all about corn starch! I was trying to put pressure on it and it just didn't...
  15. LillyNBruin

    Other Lilly has a Hot Spot!!

    :hissycry: :cursing: I just said a couple days ago that Lilly is my 'no problems' bully...darn, I jinxed myself. I really hope I can get rid of it. If its still there in a few days I'll have to go to the vet. I found it this morning. I was putting her harness on and saw this brown gunky spot...
  16. LillyNBruin

    Bruin not very happy with Lilly

    He jumped up on this chair (that he wasn't supposed to :shhhh: daddy doesn't want them up there) so when I was talking to him Lilly came running in the room and hopped up, did a 180 in mid air and land pretty much just like this. Bruin is not amused.
  17. LillyNBruin

    Bad Dog! on Animal Planet

    The info for the show read: A bulldog that sleeps constantly. Huh? What's weird or bad about this? I don't understand :tongue:
  18. LillyNBruin

    Peticure Elite...Any reviews?

    I just went to Petco on my lunch break to finally get a rotary file...They had 4 different ones there. So I chose the Peticure Elite. It was 25 bucks, figured I would give it a whirl, but right away I kind of felt it was too heavy. Does anyone have experience with this brand? I double...
  19. LillyNBruin

    General Question Liquid diarrhea...

    Ok I brought Bruin out this morning and diarrhea came shooting out of him like as if you turned on a hose. It wasn't splattery or anything, it was a steady stream. Last night my bf said it was soft serve. Saturday morning my bf gave them both bacon from an egg mcmuffin and Saturday night he...
  20. LillyNBruin

    General Question Food Dehydrators?

    I searched the threads for anything on dehydrating foods. I found quite a few mentions of it, but I guess I'm still questioning whether I should get one or not and how they work. Do you just plop whatever food in and hit a button? Can you put anything in? Am I over thinking it? Twice...