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  1. Eas98422

    Veterinarians that are happy/giddy around bulldogs

    Our vet LOVES my Roxie! She gets on the floor with her, plays with her and brings in vet techs to play with her too. She spends extra time with us just to hang out with her. I would recommend our vet to any bulldog parent 😃
  2. Eas98422

    Need help with Alopecia!

    My Winston has gotten some awful side effects from the Melatonin so I took him off of it. I'd rather give him thyroid medicine everyday than have him sleep walking around with no guarantees his hair will grow back. Quality of life is worth more to me for my baby boy.
  3. Eas98422

    bath time!

    I have to bathe Winnie with medicated shampoo twice a week that has to sit on his skin for 10 minutes so I bribe him into the shower with a bone, lather him up, shower myself, rinse him then rinse myself again after he has a few good shakes. It's so much easier than getting him in the tub!
  4. Eas98422

    How the heck do you brush a bullies teeth?!!!

    Winnie will let me touch his bottom "tusks" only. He's very sensitive about his teeth. It may stem from one too many "Your dog needs braces!" jokes from my brother... ;)
  5. Eas98422

    Vet Behavior

    I was thinking about asking about his food the next time I take The Winn to the vet. I hate seeing him miserable and itchy!
  6. Eas98422

    Vet Behavior

    Winnie LOVES the attention...until the stethoscope comes out. We work on letting me touch his paws but as soon as the nail clippers come out, it's Crazy Winnie! He's a great boy all other times but whenever vet related things happen, even with treats, he freaks out! I feed him Nutro Lite Lamb...
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    What a pretty girl!
  8. Eas98422

    Vet Behavior

    Does anyone else's bulldog turn into a Dr Jeckel/Mr Hyde dog while at the vet? I have to get Winnie sedated each time he goes to the vet to get his nails clipped and ground (he hates his paws touched), and to get his ears and skin checked. Winnie has the ear infection from heck and...
  9. Eas98422

    New(ish) member

    Winnie and I have been lurking for a minute now but as you all know, English Bulldogs aren't the quietest dogs so we decided to let ourselves be known. Winnie is 5, I've had him for about 2.5 years. I had always been a cat person, now I can't imagine my life without my baby boy! Even the cats...
  10. Eas98422

    35 Things You should have if you own an English Bulldog

    Frozen green beans, hmm... Since Winnie will eat anything (if I let him) I'm going to give that a shot! Thanks for the great article! :)