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    Switched to raw, lots more pooping. feeding too much?

    hey everyone :) Lenny is 17 months old and i switched him onto a raw diet just over a week ago. He'd been on Purina Hypoallergenic for a couple of months which was suggested by the vet after he had cystine stones removed so for the moment he's eating this...
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    UK food suggestions?

    hey everyone! im new here and have been loving reading all the advice but one problem i keep having is that many of the recommended products, especially food, isnt available in the uk. Lenny is only 14 months and had to have surgery for bladder stones last month :( the vet suggested purina HA...
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    New to the forum :)

    hey everyone! just signed up after reading a lot of threads, excited to meet you all! this is Lenny, hes 14 months and loves to meet new people and dogs! hes my first dog so theres a good chance i'll be asking some newb questions in the next few days/weeks/months/years!