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  1. Johnnash7985

    Help!! Is this normal?!?!

    So this is the first fall that we have had Max, our 2yr old Olde English bulldog. And he has this place under his neck where he is loosing his fur. Is this normal?! I’m worried!! The only new thing has happened is we boarded Max two weeks ago (for three days) and they gave him a bath. Is...
  2. Johnnash7985

    What Are Some Fresh Veggies EBDs Can Have?

    So I do not like giving any dog table scraps or human food whatsoever because I have not had any luck with it in the past with other dogs. However, I’ve been hearing that some veggies are safe for English Bulldogs and I wanna know your opinion on which ones are safe and tolerable? I’m thinking...
  3. Johnnash7985

    Lazy Sunday

    Max is enjoying his lazy Sunday with his favorite toy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Johnnash7985

    Hello All

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to say hi and to introduce Max with the group. Max is an Old English Bulldog and just turned 2 on January 15th. He has become such a great companion to us and loves our 3 kids. We are so glad we stumbled upon this site. We have found this site very helpful and am glad...