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  1. AceRN

    6 month old Bruno

    What a great picture! Beautiful bully, looking so innocent:)
  2. AceRN

    MINI’s allergies are getting worse and her neck and chest

    A great thing to use on the raw spots is a light coating of Desitin (diaper rash ointment). I have had basset hounds for 22 yrs and some have had allergic skin problems that look just like her neck area, the bassets would get the rash in their withers, on their stomach, under the arm pits and in...
  3. AceRN


    Just voted! What a great way to celebrate Brie’s life! Words can not express the sorrow I feel for you. I have always been a dog owner, trust me when I say always(45 yrs), each one is special but some just touch your soul, remember her with a life well lived and celebrate her...
  4. AceRN

    Angus, the lonely dog.

    Angus is an amazing good looking bully! I’m sorry for your family’s loss. I believe animals grieve like there human family. Give yours and him time, do you still have anything of Bullie’s still with you like a blanket, Angus might like his scent. We as people have pictures we can look at, but...
  5. AceRN

    Toy Test

    Great Blog, I really enjoyed the pics and comments. Edison is my bully and I have learned the hard way only to give him Kong brand toys and no plush toys of any kind. He will destroy them in under 10 minutes Kong plush or other. Keep up your Blogging your very good at it, East to enjoy!
  6. AceRN

    Winner winner chicken dinner

    What a beautiful girl! Congratulations on all the hard work, job well done. Looking forward to seeing Ella’s progress��
  7. AceRN

    Need help now!!!!!

    Yes, Oscarmayer was right, I’m using the inflatable collar for the dewclaw excision. Edison used his front dewclaw like talons on my lower front shins. To the point that my md was trying to make me get rid of my baby. I was on antibiotics every other month for wounds inflicted by his dewclaws. I...
  8. AceRN

    Need help now!!!!!

    Thanks for the information, but will he get diarrhea from it? He has only had bland “people” food so far... what about yogurt? I know it has lactobacillus. Any other foods to offer? Fermented food will have a high yeast content. I thought with bullies you had to watch for extra air in the gut...
  9. AceRN

    Need help now!!!!!

    Thank you everyone for the support. Edison stayed standing in his crate till 11:30pm even though I medicated him for the pain. I stayed with him all night, just to be near in case he needed anything. Day 2 - he had an allergic reaction to his antibiotic, (shortness of breath, then n/v/d) I had...
  10. AceRN

    Need help now!!!!!

    Thank you for replying, I have tried to hold him but he Won’t stay still.
  11. AceRN

    Hi, thank you for the welcome, any advice for my immediate problem? I’m feeling helpless

    Hi, thank you for the welcome, any advice for my immediate problem? I’m feeling helpless
  12. AceRN

    Need help now!!!!!

    My bulldog was just neutered and dew claws removed today,, brought him home a 5:30pm est, placed him in his crate, he won’t sit down,it is now 7:15pm he is still to groggy from anesthesia to medicate, what do I do to help him?
  13. AceRN

    Help! When to neuter my puppy....

    I have an 11 month old English bulldog, that I would like to have neutered. I read that his growth plates were not completely formed and it was better to wait to neuter him. How old should he be? My gut instinct is telling to do this soon. He is showing signs of slightly aggressive behavior. I...