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    Help Needed! Lump found on anus

    Ronnie has has sore bottom today. Hes been going for the toilet fine but hasn't been himself been pacing around and keeps sitting and standing up. I've just wiped him after the toilet and have felt quite a hard lump on his anus hes been sleeping quite a lot last few days but had put this down...
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    Sickness and constipation

    So on Sunday Ronnie decided to start eating grass something he has never done before. On Monday he wasn't quite right wouldn't leave my side and was pacing about. On Tuesday he was sick 3 times randomly but Sstill acting himself yesterday again he was sick 3 times but still playful and wanting...
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    Is this normal.

    Ronnie is about to turn 10 months. He was castrated on the 1st of February and in this day he weighed 23.6 kg. We have had him weighed today and he weighs the same. He is fed taste of the wild. Now he is quite an active bulldog and does like his walks he doesn't look skinny or overweight really...
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    Ronnie is booked in to be neutered on the 1st of Feb he is currently still on puppy food he will be 9 months in a few weeks. Once he is neutered do we switch to adult dog food?
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    Should I be worried

    So my husband was giving our Ronnie a clean today and it looks like he has very red and bruised testicles. Someone is with him at all times and I don't believe it to be an injury. We have give it a good feel and he doesn't seem to be in any pain and let's us do this it's also not hot to touch...
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    What does your 8 month English bulldog weigh

    Ronnie is just about to turn 8 months and weighs 21.9 kg wondered if this is normal for his age. He's always been on the leaner side he's not put on much weight in the last 6 weeks.
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    Anyone else's bully

    Not like them washing their stuff :D
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    Me again (ronnie)

    Hey guys wondered if I could pick peoples brains about elongated palate. So Ronnie had an endoscopy done about a month ago and was told he does have this and it's thickened by around 1c m. Now as you know he's not been keeping to great and continues to inhale food and has had another episode...
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    Hi all from sunny Scotland

    Just thought I would i would drop by and say hello. Me and my husband are new first time bulldog owners of Ronnie who is 6 months unfortunately Ronnie hasn't been keeping 2 week recently and have already posted about it any advice is welcome x
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    Help Needed! My bulldog Ronnie

    Hey guys I am a newbie and was wondering if any you guys could help me out with maybe your experiences. We have had our guy now since he was 3 months he's now 6 and a half. Unfortunately after a choking incident he had inhalation pneumonia and was treated with antibiotics for 6 weeks and had his...