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  1. Catherine2021


    Our Merle bulldog Maximus is now 6 month old. We had issues with chewing etc since day 1. But as time has gone on it went from settling to happening again. It was only our hands or feet or his toys but now it’s anything. He’s ripping up laminate flooring, chewed a hole in the wooden fence...
  2. Catherine2021

    Some advice or comments appreciated!

    Hey everyone! Me again! So had our Maximus go for his next injections , check up since we got him- vet said all was well except- his bottom jaw isn’t as big as top jaw which means his top teeth are puncturing his bottom gum. They say monthly check ups , then see how his adult teeth grow in. If...
  3. Catherine2021

    Hey! Newbie here, advice much appreciated!

    Hey everyone I’m Catherine from the U.K. and we have just got our very own little English bulldog puppy. Would love some advice! Any advice on anything. Maximus is 9 weeks old! Since he was born we’ve visited and he’s been around our little boy daily (childminder puppies) so he knows us pretty...