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  1. Alice Kable

    Happy 7th Birthday Ruggles!

    Ruggles is 7 today, so I guess he's a senior, but still looking good!
  2. Alice Kable

    We Finally Got Our Santa Paws Pictures!

    ​And they are so worth waiting for!!!
  3. Alice Kable

    Ruggles and I had Wallowa State Park To Ourselves Today

    Ruggles and I went up to Wallowa Lake today to check on how much yard work I have to do at my cabins. The first picture is the front yard of River View 2. After looking at the cabins we went to the State Park, and with the exception of 2 huge bucks we had the place to ourselves! It is rutting...
  4. Alice Kable

    The Little Thief Strikes Again!

    We should have named him Sneaky Pete! We have at least 10 NylaBones!
  5. Alice Kable

    Ruggles' Power Steering

    ​Yep, Mama's sweet big boy has to wear his pretty necklace sometimes, the difference is like having power steering or not!
  6. Alice Kable

    Antique English Bulldog

    Here is a picture of an English Bulldog from before U.S. became actively involved in WW1.
  7. Alice Kable

    Buster Is Practicing Raising His Leg

    ​In his sleep!
  8. Alice Kable

    Ruggles And Buster Enjoying Our Father's Day Walk!

    ​Here they are in Hurricane Creek!
  9. Alice Kable

    Ruggles In Hurricane Creek!

    ​Without a paddle!
  10. Alice Kable

    Big Score Last Weekend!

    ​Look at these wine glasses. They are both hand painted by local artists!
  11. Alice Kable

    I Just Want To Brag

    ​On what a great big brother Ruggles is!
  12. Alice Kable

    My List Just Keeps Getting Longer

    We are listing our house for sale the first part of next week so I've been busy packing up the collections to eliminate clutter, and sorting keepers, sell at show, and yard sale. I've been pricing stuff for sale as I go along so it is taking some time. We are downsizing from 5,200 sq. ' to...
  13. Alice Kable

    Any American Idol Fans On EBN???

    I hope Lazaro gets sent home tonight; he has humiliated himself long enough! The 5 girls left all sing so much better than he!
  14. Alice Kable

    Two Boys Worn Out From Vet Visits!!!

    Both Ruggles and Buster had vet visits today and came home totally worn out. Ruggles had shot updates and a growth removed from his tummy. It took 3 stitches to close it up! Buster weighs 16.2 and has had all of his shots. In 2 weeks he will be fully immunized and can go for walks in public...
  15. Alice Kable


    Housework is easier now with Ruggles cleaning up Buster's poop and Buster licking up Ruggles' slobber. When Ruggles gets a "steamer" (@JeannieCO 's term) the slobber gushes!
  16. Alice Kable

    Ruggles Has Grown A New Appendage

    What I don't understand is why the appendage chose that end!!!
  17. Alice Kable

    Ruggles Is Just Saying No To Poo

    When I took Buster to the vet for shots Wed. I mentioned that Ruggles was eating his poo. They gave me some For Bid to put on Buster's food and it actually works....Buster pooped outside during the night (it was a poopsicle this morning) and Ruggles had access to it all night and didn't eat it...
  18. Alice Kable

    Ruggles AKA Mr. Mom!

    Ruggles has adopted Buster Yoda McBoingBoing as his very own baby. Ruggles is realizing how much work taking care of a baby is.....and he catches a nap whenever he can!
  19. Alice Kable

    Buster Will Be 12 Weeks Old Friday!

    Buster had shots today and weighs 10.8 lbs! He is such a good puppy and so wants to please. I got him a new toy Monday--HARD CORE Fire Hose--that he loves to chew on and.....
  20. Alice Kable

    Ruggles Has Started Eating Buster's Poop!!!

    Yesterday I noticed that Buster's potty pad had slobber and traces of poop on it. So today I watched Ruggles like a hawk and sure enough he was cleaning up after Buster. Other than the gross part of it, Buster eats lamb and brown rice, and Ruggles is allergic to both lamb and rice. Am I...