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  1. Lisabear123


    Hey all, it’s been a while since I have visited. Many of you might remember me and Brie. She was my furry heart and soul and I shared her here with you guys for a long time. She passed away a couple weeks ago. I’m beyond devastated and I’m truly struggling with her loss. It was suggested I try...
  2. Lisabear123

    Brie sends hello n hugs to everyone!

    Just thought I'd pop in n say hello. Brie has grown. She is now 1 1/2 yrs old . Sry they are sideways n upside down, but it wouldn't be Brie if they all posted correctly! Lol
  3. Lisabear123

    Brie's first snow

    We romped n romped n now I'm sick all over ....sigh....sry for the neck strain all..
  4. Lisabear123

    Nu pro supplement

    Anyone have any experiences or thoughts with this? I was given a sample packet. You can sprinkle it over food, or add a lil water n make a gravy. I give Brie coconut oil w her food at breakfast. I stopped the salmon oil and am currently transitioning her to a limited ing food to see if her...
  5. Lisabear123

    I love my Brie

    I just can't imagine a moment without her!
  6. Lisabear123

    Brie says herro n snore....snore

    She is 41.3 pounds now :)
  7. Lisabear123

    Brie showing Hunter who is

    Brie likes to put her chin on everything...not sure if it is a 'dominant' thing or just a thing she does. Normally she stands over Hunter, shoves her butt in his face - and I mean shoves it- lol she growls n bites his neck n pushes him down. Eventually he shrieks n I may have to redirect her...
  8. Lisabear123

    Bullshark Brie snapping....

    When she gets something in her mouth, she acts like it's the last thing in the universe and if she loses it all will end... She got hold of a little candy wrapper n my 8 yo saw it hanging out of her mouth and tried to get if. She snapped at him...I think she scared him more then hurt him, but it...
  9. Lisabear123

    Angel in devil disguise?

    She was even less impressed with this thn w the
  10. Lisabear123

    It's a bullshark! Look out!!

    Lol we are getting a dragon too. She is like a deer in the headlights w this tho! omg..upside down again arghh! She is talented. Not many bull sharks can be on land, let alone upside down :)
  11. Lisabear123

    Playtime anyone?

    No matter what is going on with this sweet girl, she always wants to play and enjoy herself. A good lesson for us all I think. Find the good in anything if at all possible! or if all else fails turn yourself upside ughhh! Sorry as usual....
  12. Lisabear123

    Poor Brie..allergies we think..?

    So I noticed her eyes more runny and blinking again 2 ads ago...she has also been licking her paws a lot and I've noticed a tiny discoloration on them. No corn chip smell tho. She has been rubbing her eye against the couch, trying to rub it w her paw etc...I looked In her eyes and didn't see any...
  13. Lisabear123

    Think Brie is comfy!?

    Lol I love the way they get comfy. If you could only hear the snores coming
  14. Lisabear123


    She is 9 ms now, and doing so incredibly well. She has been def going through her 8-9 mos old craziness. Major zoomies, nip n runs, etc. it's funny ....but she seems to have 2 modes now. Super snuggling sweet and megladon shark mode. Yeesh! omg upside down pics..grrrr I'm so sorry...
  15. Lisabear123

    Nap time!

    I swear I can just each n listen to her sleep all day!
  16. Lisabear123

    Help with weight control?

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this..apologies if not. Saw new vet today who sad Brie is just amazing. So happy to see her eyes clear and I'm doing great job w her folds but need to do bit better w vulva folds - i didnt know she had vulva folds? I wipe her there and get the yellow...
  17. Lisabear123

    ID for nail polish remover

    Well, now at CVS you need to show your ID if you want to buy nail polish remover. It has become popular in making methamphetamine. Wow.... I use to lead Alcohol and other drug groups (which i adored doing). I would bring out bottles w poison labels, ammonia, rubbing alcohol etc and offer group...
  18. Lisabear123

    Captn Random

    My son, Kyan is 8 and is a delight (most of the time)... We jokingly call him Captn Random as he vocalizes his random thoughts that just come out of the blue and relate to nothing going on. Even his twist on logical things he has learned on any given day crack me up. Today he informed me of...
  19. Lisabear123

    Belly rub Vs butt scratch

    Brie likes her tummy rubbed a little, if you hit the right spots you'll tickle her n she'll shake her leg but she never turns on to her back as if saying 'oh yes please rub my belly'. She seems to prefer her butt scratched (above her tail). She will groan n sigh n wiggle a little while being...
  20. Lisabear123

    I'm sorry, but I just

    LOVE this face!! :D