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    As I mentioned before its been a crazy year. We wanted to adopt so bad but it just wasn't working out. We finally found a breeder that we thought was reputable but the breeder we got Mona Lisa from said the guy we found was a BYB and frankly if we got a dog from him he'd never speak to us again...
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    I finally got photobucket to cooperate. This is what Momo thinks of having a little brother: This is Lele and Mona on the couch: This is mischief x 2 This is him in my arms (I'm trying to get belly time with him)
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    Hey Ya'll - its been awhile

    Gosh 2014 has not been a stellar year so far. I hope to be more active on the board. I did just graduate with my Associates, though! And have about a year left to get my Bachelor's. Did I introduce Leonardo, our boy bully??? I have the memory of a sieve. I'll play catch up - thanks for having...
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    Mid-Atlantic Bulldog Rescue

    Hey ya'll, who on here is involved with Mid-Atlantic Bully rescue?
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    I couldn't have made this up if I wanted to

    I took Linnet to Philly today for her to visit her father in the hospital. I found a great parking space, big enough for one SUV, in between the entrance and exit to a building. I guess I was driving Wonder Woman's invisible SUV because this guy in a gold Toyoda pulls up behind me and starts...
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    His name is Itty Bitty...soon to be Leonardo aka Momo's brother

    He was only 3.5 oz when born, so they named him "itty bitty". We braved a 3 hour drive one way in a snow storm and actually had to park at the end of their driveway because it had snowed so much we couldn't get up their driveway. He was worth it, though. I can't figure out how to edit the...
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    Travel with bulldog question

    Hey ya'll...I know I haven't been on the website a lot lately. Between school and well, school, I'm super busy. I will be back on I promise. In the mean time...and I don't normally post something without reading others general posts and catching up but I don't have time to do that right now. We...
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    on FB yesterday

    My partner was on FB last night while I was driving home and noticed a posting on the Newfield police department page that a Frenchie & EB went missing. Newfield is a small town practically in my backyard. I said to myself if they are still missing in the AM (today) I'll call the owner and go...
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    cutest college mascots..

    Guess how many are EB's? For any of you that follow college football, I am a huge UGA fan (being that I hale form Hotlanta)and a friend I went to high school with went to UofA (Bama). We're always teasing each other on FB about which team is better. I posted this on FB for her and happened to...
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    my Discovery Shark Week viewer friends, this ones for you

    I saw this on yahoo, went to youtube and had to share it. This is priceless. And frankly, if that's how loud those Rumba's are...Don't even think about getting me one for Christmas, ok?
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    need some advise on Tank

    As many of you know, Tank is our foster boy. I don't know much about Tank and his previous life and I've never had a dog that eats like he does, I'm at a total loss and need some advise. The vet said he shouldn't be fed more than 1 3/4 cup of food a day. Here's what I've been doing to get him...
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    just gotta vent

    I just have to get this off my chest. I've said before that even though my partner is a Virgo, she walks to the beat of a different Virgoian soul. Case in point: She works for the state and if they have it in the budget they offer some kinda program to get some kinda certificate that adds to...
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    anyone ever put a wooden fence up?

    So many times my Virgoian ways get me into such messes. This time, the I can do it better than anyone else mentality is kicking my butt. Our neighbor is too poor to replace his side of the fence that fell down last summer when we were hit with a horrible storm (not Sandy) and we MUST have the...
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    I have a pretty eclectic music collection and here are the latest songs I can't get enough of: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines Carrie Underwood - Blown away Pink - Give me a reason What's on your music station to listen to?
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    Ddnene - getting to know you, getting to learn all about you....

    Started a new thread because I was hijacking the Snuffie the Seal one and just realized it. ddnene Fist and foremost, thank you to your husband and you for what ya'll have done for our country! I'm very proud to fly my flag outside thanks to him and our soldiers, then and now! 2nd most...
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    (drum roll please) introducing....our first foster............TANK

    Yes, Tank seems to be a popular name with this breed...wonder why? I don't know much about him besides his owners dropped him off at the worst pound in the world about a week before we got him. Tank is 6 years old but has more energy than Mona! They said they couldn't take care of him anymore...
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    Hey Ya'll

    Its been awhile.... Last week my partner woke me up at 6:15 am to let me know the windshield of her car was busted in. Have no clue who did it in the middle of the night but two other houses had their SUV's damaged as well. As of Friday we are official foster parents of a 6 year old EB! As...
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    anyone who has had/or has cats, this video is a riot!

    I've been in three relationships where my girlfriend at the time had a cat or cats. I'm *not* a cat person at all, however, this video really cracks me up! Enjoy
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    Hives? But she's not itchy- Please help

    Hey ya'll. Yesterday around 6pm I gave Momo 50mg of Benadryl, hoping that 1 dose would fix this problem. Unlike me when I'm given Benadryl, she stayed us and bounced around until bedtime. She was looking a little better, the swelling of the hives was going down. Today however, its gotten a bit...