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  1. tigertanktoo

    Welcome home!

    She is one pretty darn cute puppy.
  2. tigertanktoo

    It's my Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday to you. I see you got a HUGE "Peanut butter box" delivered for your grand day.
  3. tigertanktoo

    Hello from Bruno and Crazy

    Hello back to you both. My cocker spaniel Charlie has been deaf for a few years now, but he only barks when he see other dogs outside when he's looking out the front door. Gabe my bullyboy just barks to hear himself bark sometimes or when the granddaughters dog Kona barks at something.
  4. tigertanktoo

    He eats and chew everything

    It was just a suggestion. But the positive route does sound much better. I'd have to agree with the others as well. I am no expert on bullys. Good luck.
  5. tigertanktoo

    He eats and chew everything

    squirt bottle with water in it, spray him in the face with it and strongly say "No". Just a suggestion.
  6. tigertanktoo

    Hiya everyone 😊

    Welcome on board to you and Biggie. Be prepared for lots of slobber slinging, burping, farting and snoring. And especially stubbornness (Noun: "Dogged" determination not to change one's attitude or position on something). He's a beautiful bulldog. I love the markings and all those wrinkles.
  7. tigertanktoo

    Hello! This is Zelda :)

    Welcome to you both. Zelda is a pretty bullygirl. It's nice you could join us. We love having you here. Hope you enjoy your stay and have alot of fun.
  8. tigertanktoo

    How old is your Bulldog?

    Gabe my Bulldog is 7, will be 8 in March. Charlie my Cocker Spaniel is 15, will be 16 in May.
  9. tigertanktoo

    My boys relaxing and watching the Yankees!

    Supposed to be watching the "Dawgs" and the "Braves". :geek:
  10. tigertanktoo


    Happy Birthday Nyala
  11. tigertanktoo

    Had to steal this!!!!

    It's perfect and spot on. Especially the piggy part. That's what I call Gabe when he's allowed out to soak up the sun. "Mr Piggy". And I did steal it. Thank you.
  12. tigertanktoo

    Young Love...

    Beautiful family and bullys. Looks like you all literally have your hands full with those two. LOL. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
  13. tigertanktoo


    A good "Spotter" dog. Very alert and ready to go. LOL.
  14. tigertanktoo


    You are a good bully mom and did the very best for Angus. He knows that and is watching over you and the family with Bullie. Me and my boys are sorry for your loss and send our most heart felt condolences to you at this difficult time.
  15. tigertanktoo

    More of our mushfaces Bella & Frank!😂

    Good looking Pup. Almost a spitting image of Bella. Have fun with that pup.
  16. tigertanktoo

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Sending you, the family and Mr Mushy healing thoughts and prayers. Hope everything works and he gets well soon.
  17. tigertanktoo

    Cooper Has Been Re-homed

    It's good to see he's doing well and settling in very nicely. Great looking bullyboy. Air Cav, E Trp, 4-17th and R Trp 4-2d. If you ain't Cav, you ain't S***. LOL. Thank you for your service.
  18. tigertanktoo

    Bongo had passed.

    Condolences from my two boys and me. Sorry for your loss.
  19. tigertanktoo

    Big news!

    Look at those cute jelly bellys. Gorgeous looking pups. I love them.
  20. tigertanktoo

    Bella met her new brothers today!

    That is one handsome looking Pup. A great addition to the family.