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  1. schimpfy

    My big boy

    Chance has is radar up and running and is hoping for a bit of play time or perhaps a rub behind the ear or belly
  2. schimpfy

    It has been far too long

    Have been away for awhile but none of you have left my heart, hopefully will try and get back some more. Chance and I are doing well have just had an Ablation done on my heart hopefully stopping the irregular heartbeat and help my heart pump better and give proper access to oxygen through out my...
  3. schimpfy

    It has been far too long H%%

    Hello everyone sorry it has been ages since I last posted anything and am missing everyone. Well have been in remission since June and had my denutting done it has been a long haul recovery but not there yet. The chemo that was pumped through my heart has weakened it to working at 25% and am...
  4. schimpfy

    Happy Birthday RalphieBoy

    :evilha::havemyheart::heart::beerparty::party::yikes::whut?::secret2::phonecall::letter::birthday6::balloons::birthday 7: Here is hoping you have an Incredible Birthday so glad your part of the pack
  5. schimpfy


    Chance just wanted to say Hello hope everyone is well, thinking of you be safe happy and be yourself :yes:
  6. schimpfy

    A found throwback picture

    Found this picture when Chance first came home can you tell why he was the one Things are getting crazy - be safe my friends :pray:
  7. schimpfy

    Where for art thou FROMM

    Recently had been buying through a local pet store until the store closed then started buying from Tisol a large pet store here in Canada. Tisol will no longer be carrying FROMM and the only other pet stores i have found thus far charge over half of what we were paying for 1/3 a bag. May have to...
  8. schimpfy

    Ham and Eggs over Chance

    Can not have Miss Piggy with out Kermie Poor Poor Chance
  9. schimpfy

    Chance hamming it up part one

    It was not easy especially part two of this but fun for me anyway Sorry Chance but I think you look Adora bull :w00t::smoochwink:
  10. schimpfy

    What Chance would look like as an American

    Silly English / French Bully pretending to be an American Bully - silly Canadian Puppers trying on some costumes am really struggling with him to get Miss Piggy on.
  11. schimpfy

    A City giggle for you

    You all know that Chance stayed at a friends place while I was in the hospital, he loved their dog and kids. I forgot to mention to them and you guys how much of a city dog he is, when they let him outside in the back yard with the other dog to do their business they soon realized Chance was...
  12. schimpfy

    Truly Thankful

    Way Cool - so went for lunch yesterday at a Japanese restaurant and was waiting in line and for the rest of my group. I was the only caucasian in the restaurant with a young family ahead of me, mom and dad and two sons around 9 and 12. The youngest asks what is that in your arm, dad says do...
  13. schimpfy

    An Update on Schimpfy

    As some of you may know I have been ill and am in hospital right now about to go for a spinal tap the results from the marrow and bone were negative yeah and start my first bout of chemo. Has anyone gone thru this was wondering on how Chance may react and am very scared that if it progresses my...
  14. schimpfy

    Is back

    Hey Peeps I am back where are you all and where did everything go - missed you all hope to catch up with you soon
  15. schimpfy

    Chance's first Bully meet up

    :hiii: Chance went out and met some of the Vancouver Bullys it was a beautiful day and he was very well behaved. Here are some pics as promised
  16. schimpfy

    Chance update

    Almost a year old and has just met a frenchie and are doing our first play date this weekend his name is Bubba and just turned 2. On the 15th we will be going to our first Bulldog meet, plan on taking tons of pics. Hope everyone is well - getting a heart on - hugs :yeah:
  17. schimpfy

    something wrong

    so started reading some threads and most have just a few floating Ietters the quotes work but not what anyone has typed Is this just me or is there a problem occurring with the site
  18. schimpfy

    New Jacket

    Hates cloths so am breaking him in gently
  19. schimpfy

    Chocolate chips anyone

    Chance has very noticeable ears it is part of his charm so I thought I would show them off a bit You would think with ears like that he would have better listening skills at least that is what I kid myself
  20. schimpfy

    Thingamagiggy 2

    While we were walking in the park came across After checking it out from all angles this was his reaction Hmm seen that reaction before