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  1. helsonwheels

    Essential oils

    I can’t find my thread on Essential Oils in this new website . SO…….…… It came to my attention from @2BullyMama when we were talking about oils that Young Living Essential Oils are being sued by numerous people which I had no clue. Thanks Christine 👍 We in Canada don’t see too much news like...
  2. helsonwheels


    @Cbrugs , no I didn’t forget this time lolll Yup already 7.…Geez its going so fast‼️ Photos of today. A rainy day after 2months of no rain. I’ll take it. No I didn’t buy Nyala anything as I’m not in town anymore. She and the other 2 are spoiled everyday anyway. There’s a photo of Jake...
  3. helsonwheels

    Our Bulldogs Passing

    I have never seen so many older member’s fur babies passing like this summer. The Posts are so hard to read cause we’ve known them babies since little farts. I am speechless and the ones that knows me knows thats not me. If I can I would turn back time so fast to give them all BIG BULLY HUGS ❤️...
  4. helsonwheels

    Is this Website lagging?

    Having bad Lagging issues. Is the website having maintenance @2BullyMama ? Anything I click takes forever to open. Btw, ok if I open other websites. Just this one. 🤔
  5. helsonwheels

    Where’s there food there’s Jake

    Sadie the GS knows how to pick raspberries, Jake looks, observes Sadie n realized it’s edible. He didn’t know you had to pick one at a time. Yup, he shoved the whole thing in his mouth. I think he realized it‘s prickly but didn’t care n kept on eating n searching for more. .
  6. helsonwheels

    Brainwashed dogs

    I tell them…Get Out Of The Sun numerous times per day & they do this. I might sound like a broken record to them but heh 🤷🏼‍♀️ Simply a reminder to others, the summer sun is not a dog’s friend especially flat nose dogs. Stay alert 👍
  7. helsonwheels

    She’s a swimmer

    Since Nyala n Jake can’t swim at least Sadie will go get them if they try. Both love the water but sinks. And yes both have vests.
  8. helsonwheels

    Merry Christmas

    Welcome to Canada…..Ya just never know right @oscarmayer loll BTW…. it’s melting extremely fast.
  9. helsonwheels

    Sadie is getting big

    Got Sadie around 3 months 32lbs n she’ll be 5 month on the first n now weighing 54lbs. She’s a handful. Gallops in the house like a horse, trips over Nyala n Jake or stands on top of them like trapping them. I cannot leave her loose when she outside as she takes off straight into the chicken...
  10. helsonwheels

    I’m hiding from Jake

    I felt like eating chips so I took a small bowl of them. I felt a pair of eyes watching even though I purposely hid with a pillow. Jake is into this new thing lately. Stares at ALL bowls till they are in the sink gone from his sight. I peaked behind the pillow n Lo and Behold!
  11. helsonwheels

    Meet Sadie

    Figured with an acreage time to get another dog. This is Sadie, she’s 14weeks. Has her fluffy winter jacket on 😁. Nyala has already set her straight…that’s my Nyala n Jake already tried to mount her 🤦‍♀️. Met mom n dad, totally beautiful n great shape. She’s more on dad’s side so Sadie will be...
  12. helsonwheels


    Happy New Year to ALL EBN Members & da fur babies‼️
  13. helsonwheels

    Winter 🤬

    So there’s cold, colder, coldest & “F’en COLD‼️ Doggy jackets n socks here we come 🥶
  14. helsonwheels

    Merry Christmas Everyone‼️

    Enjoy the holidays everyone.
  15. helsonwheels

    I’ve moved……

    Finally made it. Still unpacking. Placing stuff here n there n keep changing my mind where it should go lolll…. Nyala n Jake are great n adaptation is ok so far. Nyala is my go getter she‘s the boss n making sure she checks everything out before her approval 🤦‍♀️.
  16. helsonwheels

    OK EBN PEEPS……message….

    I was going to send a private message but have no clue where in here…🤷🏼‍♀️ Soooo….. Next month I’ll be in & out so won’t be checking in as often. Bought an acreage, moving end of November & sadly need to pack & $#-*’liuc#$** unpack what I’m packing now 🤐. The ones that knows me…..made a bold...
  17. helsonwheels


    Just saw a post of yours asking me in JANUARY if Purina bought Acana/Orijen . Yes Jan lolll… God I’m lost with this new site lolll Havent seen anything yet if they did or not. Did Nestle buy orijen? The Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based Champion, maker of Orijen and Acana superpremium dog and...
  18. helsonwheels

    Anyone have a Bouvier?

    Was looking into buying a Bouvier or Dutch Shepherd. Both great farm dogs. Dutch Shepherd is in between a German Shepherd n Malinois. Like GS on crack. Bouvier also another herd n guard dog. Was curious if anyone has one or the other. Thanks‼️
  19. helsonwheels