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  1. Valentine215

    Petunia Belle (The Diva) 11-16-2004 to 04-10-2015

    Today I lost my girl. It was sudden and unexpected. I was dropping her off at the vet when she collapsed. she had been acting normal. suddenly her feet began to slide like she couldn't stand upright and her body head rolled from side to side. I was immediately alarmed because this had never...
  2. Valentine215

    Merrick 96% Grain Free Real Beef + Lamb + Buffalo

    So I supplement Petunia's dry kibble (Fromm's Pork and Applesauce-soon to be Fromm's Lamb and Lentil) with a tablespoon of Merrick's 96% Grain Free Real Beef + Lamb + Buffalo. I have noticed that after she eats there are always little white flecks that are left over in the bowl. Not a lot of...
  3. Valentine215

    Peeing Petunia

    Petunia is still peeing on the carpet in the hall. :( Yesterday her new Daddy was really upset that she peed in the hall AGAIN. So, I bought her a bigger kennel and she was put in there this morning while I am at work. I feel like a bad mommy. She was hesitant to enter at first but then...
  4. Valentine215

    Wishing all our friends in the northern US a warm and safe winter!

    Good golly is it gonna be cold for y'all or what??? It is cold in Central Texas where I'm at! I can only IMAGINE what it's like for y'all. Seems like the news says its gonna get blizzard-like. Please be careful and stay warm! Hope you don't lose power and have plenty to eat and drink. Cuddle up...
  5. Valentine215

    Top 50 Names in 2013 for puppies

    WTH? 'Petunia' didn't make the list??? INCONCEIVABLE.
  6. Valentine215

    Christmas stocking for a bully named Samson

    I was putting out my Christmas stuff and came across Samson's stocking. I wanted to offer it to someone who has a bully named Samson. It is too beautiful to give it away....and it would be perfect to give to someone who could use it... If you want it for your Samson let me know!
  7. Valentine215

    Gunky eyes

    So I switched Miss Petunia to Fromm's Pork and Applesauce from Fromm;s Pork & Peas because the vet said it had to much protein and my Diva is a bit on the portly side and we need her to lose weight. I;ve noticed that her eyes are gunkier than normal. I'm thinking it is allergies. I put...
  8. Valentine215

    Petunia is 9 today!

    Happy 9th birthday my beautiful Diva! Mommy loves you!
  9. Valentine215

    Bulldog puppy may have landed in my lap....Feedback please!

    Hmmmm... so you know, I was thinking of my next dog being a rescue...but this weekend at a family party, my uncle's girlfriend told me her daughter was thinking of selling her EBD puppy...she said her daughter was 'tired' of the dog and now the dog has gotten 'big'. WTH? She asked if I wanted to...
  10. Valentine215

    Pooping and peeing in new surroundings

    I was hijacking someone's thread (sorry!) and thought I would go ahead and make a thread of my own. Recently Petunia and I moved in with her new daddy. I instantly noticed that she had been peeing in the hall. Now that all the wedding festivities and shuttling her to grandma's and grandpa's is...
  11. Valentine215

    Petunia chillin'

    She seems annoyed that I take constant pics of her...PAPPARAZZI!
  12. Valentine215

    Petunia's has a new daddy!!!

    From our wedding day! It was in a church so we could not include Petunia :( but she has the best daddy!
  13. Valentine215

    Getting hitched next week!

    So its the final countdown....1 week to go and I have a million things to do. The Diva and my parakeet Perla will be staying with my parents for the wedding (since some of Ken's family is staying at our house). The pets will then stay on at my parents until we come back from our honeymoon. I...
  14. Valentine215

    Amazing Bulldog Video

    I hope I attached it correctly! ENJOY!
  15. Valentine215


    Just wanted to take the time to remember my Diva's fur mommy, Mocha, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Mocha was 13 and a really sweet, sweet girl who loved all her pups. My Diva looks like her...sigh. Mocha was a joy to her family and all who knew her and I am so glad that she lived such a...
  16. Valentine215

    General Question Dry cough

    So I recently took Petunia to have her yearly check up and all was fine but I have noticed since then that she sometimes coughs...its a dry cough and she only does it once in a while...Doc said her heart sounded good so I don't think its CHF. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this about...
  17. Valentine215

    General Question Recommendations for Flea/Tick/Mosquito products

    So, I live in Texas and my vet gave Petunia Trifexis...before I came to this site and heard the horror stories about Trifexis and Petunia would spit out the Trifexis anyway...even when I tried to give it to her in a wad of Peanut Butter! Who says EBDs aren't smart???? Anyhow, now she is not on...
  18. Valentine215

    General Question Eye problems

    Petunia got cherry eye in her L eye when she was 5 weeks old. We took it out at 4 or 6 months. Ever since then she has always had problems with the eye. She had entropion repair done to the same eye but now I think she has lost sight in it after all these years. That eye is always gooky. I use...
  19. Valentine215

    Help Needed! Looking for a Bulldog vet in South Austin/Kyle/Buda area

    So I looked at the list of recommended vets and there isn't one listed in my area and was wondering if anyone knew off hand of a good vet, one that specializes in Bulldogs. I prefer to stay south because, if you don't know it, Austin has worse traffic than NYC (am I NOT joking about that either)...
  20. Valentine215

    Samson El Torito

    Today is my baby boy's birthday...he would have been 13. I love you baby boy...I miss you EVERY DAY. There will never be enough words to convey how much I loved you and how I would have given anything to have had one more minute with you. I am sorry I was not there when you passed...but God, in...