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  1. Vicaroo1000

    Almost Famous? Anyone you know? *beaming with pride* That's right: Bo and Bea are now professional models!
  2. Vicaroo1000

    You Tube Video - featuring Georgia Bulldog Rescue Pups!

    If you haven't seen this --- you will want to. Over and over again. :heart:
  3. Vicaroo1000

    Jolly Egg - The Best Pool Toy EVER?

    Bonus: for those of you that have pups with seasonal flank alopecia, you can see Bea's here. Without salmon oil, it's MUCH WORSE. Like two black blobs on each of her flanks.....So thumbs up to salmon oil!
  4. Vicaroo1000

    June Garden Tour

    Here's a peek of how we're looking so far in the Mukilteo Garden! I even included a few NEW plants I'm putting in this morning. Not sure where I'm going to PUT them...but it's too late now. They're here. LOL
  5. Vicaroo1000

    What does SUMMERTIME mean for you and your pack?

    For us, it's trips to the Dairy Queen.... ...when we are on our way home from the beach!
  6. Vicaroo1000

    Thursday at the Park

    On our daily walk around the neighborhood, I often run into a know-it-all woman who, some months ago, had adopted a Puggle rescue named Buddy. Buddy has issues -- I think I've talked about him here before. I have always tried to be supportive and helpful when encountering Buddy and his stupid...
  7. Vicaroo1000

    A Celebrated Success; However Small

    On our walks each day, we run into all kinds of folks. One day about a month ago, a fellow I'd never met before (who reminded me of Uncle Fester in a big way) came out of his place pleading, "Can I pet the bulldogs?" Sure. Of course you can. While Bea and Bo are swimming in ecstasy at this...
  8. Vicaroo1000

    Most Beautiful Bulldog Contest - Des Moines, Iowa Cute Vid!
  9. Vicaroo1000

    Backpack Shopping for Bo - Recommendations Please

    After a very long walk at North Creek Park (fabulous for dogs and birders like me - if you live near Mill Creek, WA), Bea, Bo and I walked into the Mill Creek "Paddywack" store to find him a durable backpack that will eventuallly hold some serious stuff. I need to take Bo's walk to the next...
  10. Vicaroo1000

    Is it too early to talk about the GARDEN?

    OH IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY! Heh heh. Oh...OK... it's still too cold here to do anything but plant a couple of winter primrose (done!) but its the PERFECT time to order my dahlias for the summer! What will I be growing this year? Oooooo! Take a LOOK! Fortunately for me, Washington State has...
  11. Vicaroo1000

    Thou That Does't Not Scoop!

    Here in my complex (where everyone is over 55) we have folks who DO NOT SCOOP when their pups take a dump. There's also a weight restriction for dogs -- for which mine blow right past the limit -- so most of the poops ARE tiny -- but who cares? It's still CRAP! There are signs posted at the...
  12. Vicaroo1000

    URGENT!!! Parvo Virus Alert - Snohomish County, Everett, Mukilteo - Western Washington State Worth noting for folks living in or around this area!
  13. Vicaroo1000

    What a fun surprise from SoCal EB Rescue!

    My keys shall wear it proudly!
  14. Vicaroo1000

    Other Cesar Millan's New Book - And Guess Who's On The Cover...?

    ...why an English Bulldog of course! I'm not 100% positive but I think that could be "Mr. President" from his "Raising the Perfect Puppy" episodes. I never log on while I am at work...
  15. Vicaroo1000

    SLOBBERFEST 2012 - Sept 30th - Marymoor Park - Benefiting Cascade Bulldog Rescue / Rehome
  16. Vicaroo1000

    San Diego Surf A Thon on Sunday, September 9th 2012 - You Going? Of course there will be a few of our beloved English Bulldogs participating! Anyone in attendance must come back and share with our group! If I were in San Diego, I'd be all over this!
  17. Vicaroo1000

    LA Ordinance Proposes Ban of Pet Sales at Pet Stores

    This isn't specific to bulldogs -- but I'm guessing it will go a long way toward helping keep pet "impulse buys" out of rescue and shelters. What do you think about this?
  18. Vicaroo1000

    Late August Garden Tour - Mukilteo, WA 2012 :D With a surprise appearance by Mr. Bo!
  19. Vicaroo1000

    Other Nature's Variety = Dog Food Recall Due to Odor

    Just an FYI. Vic ================= Nature’s Variety Recalls Dog Food Due to Odor From Pet Product News International Posted: July 12, 2012, 3:15 p.m. EDT Nature’s Variety recalled several bags of Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs due to an off-odor smell that may develop over...
  20. Vicaroo1000

    July Garden Tour

    Here's my Mid-July garden tour. Let's see yours!!! I tried to tag everyone I could remember from the original garden thread. Forgive me if I neglected to include all interested parties!