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  1. lovemydog

    Marking - how to stop

    We have a one-year old male puppy, Dugall, and his mother, Orrla, 5 yrs old plus (fixed). We have Dugall since he was 10 weeks old, everytime we took him out, he would do his business. Two weeks later, we adopted his mom, he was still very good to do his business outside, never failed. But...
  2. lovemydog

    Angus passed away -- May 12

    Angus had an abscess on his paw and was havingsome trouble breathing. We took him into an emergency veterinary clinicfor treatment. Angus did not make it through the surgery on his paw. He couldn't breathe then his heart stop. He was two years and almost three months old
  3. lovemydog

    First dog in my life

    My husband had an English Bulldog when he was young. We lived abroad for 34 years, mostly in hot areas, the weather was not good for any pets with fur, therefore, we decided to have our first pet when we moved back to the States, and it has to be an English Bulldog. We spent a long time...