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  1. agentbunny

    Halloween Costumes

    What do you think?
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    Brindle fading?

    Leo had a beautiful red brindle coat but lately I am noticing the black slowly disappearing and looking more solid brown. Anyone heard of this? Is it common?
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    Thoughts on Vegan Dog Food?

    So my daughter follows this lady on instagram that uses the handle bulldogstuff. This lady has two beautiful bullies she always posts pics of and apparently feeds them a vegan diet. She claims it got rid of their allergies and made them healthier. Personally, I can't see how a diet with no...
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    New Vegan Dog Food!?

    So there is this lady on instagram that is always showing pics of her amazing bulldogs. She is a strict vegan and feeds her dogs a vegan dog food as well called v-dog. She swears all their allergies went away. I can't wrap my mind around vegan dog animal protein at all....not even...
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    Baby wombat

    Saw this cutie in the news and had to share. Mom was hit by a car and her rescuers found this critter in her pouch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can anyone guess this breed mix?

    We are looking to adopt this poor dog. She is female but also has a penis, A pseudohermaphrodite I assume. She is hairless. She was find as a badly neglected stray at 6 months old. She has been at the rescue, looking for a home, for 3 years. I know the breed mix they listed her as but I want...
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    We just joined the reject club

    Well I mentioned that we were looking to adopt a 5 year old 75 lb EB. That's when I asked to see everyone's 75 lb bulldog to have an idea of how big he was. Today I was rejected. Reason: He has chronic ear issues and the fact that my Lola might need another knee surgery in the future will be to...
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    What does a 75 lb bulldog look like?

    We are considering taking in a 75 lb rescue that i have not met in person. I saw a pic but it was of just the dog with nothing in the background to compare his size to. I can't wrap my head around how big that actually is since bulldogs don't carry weight like other dogs and my two are only 35...
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    Pope Leonidas I

    From my daughter's Instagram: bulldogcrew. That's where she posts all the funny pictures of our dogs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rescue Rant

    Sorry to rant but I need to get this off my chest... We all say to everyone , " don't buy a dog when there are do many that need to be rescued". However, rescues have made it so difficult to adopt that people end up saying , screw it, and go buy a puppy from a breeder or craigslist! I have had...
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    He finally made an honest woman of her....

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    Easter high tea!

    My daughter at Easter high tea with our honorary Easter peeps! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Photo And Video Theme: Easter Eggs

    I know, I know..... It is just a washout doggie cream and no, they do not appear shamed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Epilepsy? Anyone heard of "fly biting" syndrome?

    I am a bit frightened right now as I just got back from the vet after being told that Lola might be epileptic. On April 1st she started freaking out in the evening, like there were flies buzzing around her head and she was snapping at them, like trying to catch them. She seemed really frightened...
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    Whimsical & Unusual Bulldog Stuff Thread

    I was thinking that maybe members who have seen unusual bulldog themed items around the internet can post pics of their finds. For example, I picked this guy up on amazon. He is pretty tall at 30" high and looks great standing next to a vase of flowers. I love this kind of stuff and for those...
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    baby bully rolling down hill

    This is too cute! I just saw it today. Sorry if it has already been posted.
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    Meet Leo and Lola!

    Lola is 8 months old and Leo is 5 weeks younger. They love to play together! Getting Leo as a "gift" for our poor friendless Lola's "6 month birthday" was the best thing we ever did. They got spayed and neutered together on the same day. This is what they looked like that night:
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    Hello from San Francisco

    Hi There! Just wanted to introduce myself and my babies Leo and Lola to everyone. Leo, my red brindle boy, is 7.5 months old and Lola, my pi-bald girl, is almost 9 months old. We have always had dogs but these are our first bulldogs. We got Lola at 13 weeks old. She turned out to have so many...
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    Any experience with demodex?

    Hi Everybody! I am new here. I have been lurking and reading but this is my first post. I have a question for anyone who has experience with demodex. My boy Leo was diagnosed with it shortly after I got him at 5 months old. They scraped for the mites while he was being neutered so I couldn't...