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  1. sillyheadbon

    Laser crazy?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone else has a bully who goes NUTS chasing a laser pointer? She LOVES it and will tear all over the room/house/yard chasing after the little red light. It is so much fun to watch her crashing into chairs and skidding across the floor. She especially likes it when...
  2. sillyheadbon

    Phoenix East valley bully parents?

    Hi there! Tootsie Roll would love to meet other bulldogs as she has no bully friends. Does anyone live in or near Mesa who would like to meet up sometime with Toots and I? She is almost 7 months old and full of crazies! Maybe when it finally cools down a bit we could have a bulldog get together...
  3. sillyheadbon

    tootsie's mom

    Hi all! I'm Bonnie and I have a brand new baby bulldog named Tootsie Roll. I love her so much already. She is an amazing little girl and we are having such fun together! Tomorrow I plan on taking her to school with me (I teach h.s.).... I hope this works out, because then I won't have to leave...