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  1. mrsjamieforrest

    Update on Bentleys surgeries!

    We are on the way home from! Everything went great and he looks amazing! Thanks for all of the love, help, prayers and support, it's been awesome! Now as far as him wanting to take a picture, this was his thought on that...
  2. mrsjamieforrest

    Right decision?

    Did I make the right decision on having Bentley neutered while having his cherry eye removed? I just feel so awful right now...
  3. mrsjamieforrest

    Pre-surgery Snack

    Bentley enjoying his pre-surgery popsicle before 10! Take a good look at his cherry eye! Hopefully this will be the last time we see it! Surgery in the morning to have them tacked!
  4. mrsjamieforrest

    Prayers needed!

    Please say a prayer for our sweet Bentley as he will be going In for surgery to have his cherry eyes tacked in the am! From what I've heard it's not that serious but the way the doctor explained it had me worried...I just can't imagine something happening to my precious lil man... thanks in...
  5. mrsjamieforrest

    Popsicle anyone?

    Can a pwetty pweeeeeeeze have some of that popsicle??
  6. mrsjamieforrest

    Bentley then and now!

    Happy 9 months to this handsome little guy I adore so much! Our lives would not be the same without you!
  7. mrsjamieforrest

    Bentley vs balloon!
  8. mrsjamieforrest

    Bentley the EBD vs Billy the Mini Goat lol
  9. mrsjamieforrest

    Cherry eye concern!

    Our 9 month old EBD Bentley started showing signs of a cherry eye in his right eye! The vet gave us drops to use once a day and said it should keep the inflammation pops up and sometimes goes away on its own and other times we have to gently push it back in! This started about three...