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  1. Cuddles116

    Today 2/21 sale on Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Dog Food, 26 lb and other brands

    Hey all, Sorry the news is so last minute 🙁 I don't get anything for sharing, has a 40% off select dog foods sale that is for today and Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Dog Food, 26 lb is included and has free shipping. That brings it to about $40 a bag. You can use the promo code twice for up...
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    Alternative to Cyclosporine?

    Hey Guys, We found out a little while ago that Brink has dry eye and will need eye drops for life. He got prescribed cyclosporine twice daily and I am happy to do them (but he HATES them and gets nippy) his eyes are less dry but it looks like it is aggravating the skin around his eyes :( is...
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    In need of Muzzle and Harness suggestions

    Hi all, Mr. Brink had a vet appt today and he went nuts after the vet did a dry eye test and then booty squeeze ontop of the reason we actully went to check his feet -.- long story short he is required to have a muzzle now for visits and I figured if ask if anyone has suggestions since it's...
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    OMG it is always something lol *dies* foot pads

    OMG bully owners and lovers I need a hug! So the good, Brock is almost 3 weeks post op from the tta and he is stir crazy but happy and healthy and all wiggley. The OMG, so Brink I think misses him and has been licking those big bully feet of his. He was a little limpy recently after running...
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    Help standing after leg surgery, how to anyone?

    Hi everyone, Long story short Brock had a strong rig ht leg and weAK previously acl torn got tta surgery left leg. His right leg needed tta surgery today because his acl ruptured but now I have a problem. He is having the absolute hardest time getting up or laying down because he can't use his...
  6. Cuddles116

    Limping on tta treated leg?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to pick everyone's brain since it's 2 am here and can't call the vet at the moment. Long story short Brock had TTA surgery done on his leg more than half a year ago and tonight my husband noticed him not putting weight on that leg. I know he was running around like a goof...
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    Best canned food? Need opinions =)

    So long story short the boys are on fromm lamb and lentils and we are looking for a good canned food to use as a topper. Right now we are using Wellness grain free beef stew as well as the turkey and duck but I wanted to know what brands or type may be better or comparable so they don't get sick...
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    Brock update and question

    So it's been a long Brock road with the vomiting and so forth. He was doing good for a couple of weeks with a pepcid added to his pill regimen but a few days ago he started his bile vomiting again and not wanting food or keeping it down for 24+ hours so Mr. Brock finally got his x-ray. The...
  9. Cuddles116

    Help Needed! Declaw tore off =(

    So I have a quick question for anyone who has dealt with torn/broken nails before. What should I do? Brink completely tore off part of his declaw, it looks like we got lucky though, it doesn't look split and there was no bleeding so the tear came in under the quick. Is the exposed part painful...
  10. Cuddles116

    Photodump of my babies <3

    It's been a while since I could get back to the forum so I have to show off my loves The boys on Brock's 3rd birthday, a little before Brink's 2nd The boys more recently lol Brink is such a hammy The newest pack member :luv: Mommy looking bad but all the babies looking wonderful :yes:
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    Help Needed! I need help, worried

    Hello Everyone, I need some thoughts on what may be going on with my Brock. A little background info, a little over 3 weeks ago he had this event where for a day he was puking yellow and not taking in any food or water, and was doing a ton of downward dog/play position stretching, and had a...
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    So awesome online dog food deal I wanted to share

    I'm not sure where to post or if this was on the board already but I looked at my American Express blue cash card's deals section that you can add on before a purchase and has a spend $75+ get $25 statement credit when using a qualifying amex until 3/14/2016. I think I read that it...
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    URGENT!!! Need Help - Limping = Tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy

    So Brock my crazy Bulldog who thinks he's a greyhound was running around the other day in the yard, came inside tired and took a nap but when he woke up he had a limp. This has happened in the past when he would go to the dog park and over do it and we use to have Metacam for it and would give...
  14. Cuddles116

    NY Bully In Need

    Does anyone know any bulldog rescue groups in NY? I only know the Illinois groups. Long story short was looking at a fb post about another dog and led to the site and I was shocked to see a bulldog in a general population group, he looks adorable! Possibly some vision issues looking at those...
  15. Cuddles116

    Testing Momma's Patience

    Brink is determined to get me to yell at him. This chunky monkey is only 8 months old and now that he is 50+ pounds and harder to pick up, has decided it is time to rebel against the establishment and start peeing indoors again as though we had not mastered potty training complete with giving...
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    The boys and water =)

    The boys have been loving all this summer weather! Not momma so much as all momma does is worry about over heating and running on wet grass and getting hurt :( but I'm getting better! They're just so cute running around like little nuts. Brink took over the wading pool. So grandma got her...
  17. Cuddles116

    Bully Bed for Two

    So Brock and Brink are super excited to share this with all multiple/large woof (I mean dog) homes. We found an awesome bed on the Sears site that is really sturdy and was cheap (Oh Em Gee!). In case anyone is interested it is a PAW Cuddle Round Suede Terry Pet Bed Jumbo in Clay but it also...
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    Brink & Brock taking a picture together =) Got to practice with them now so I can get cute ones outside one day lol.
  19. Cuddles116

    Boys' Snow Day

    Ah life in the Midwest lol. At least the boys enjoyed that it is freshly snowing in mid February Before the chaos the boys humored me with a sweet picture :D Lol snow everywhere. Brock looking like he is filling out =) Brink looking small in his sweater (not for long though I'm sure lol)
  20. Cuddles116

    Pictures of the boys part 2

    So the young and older pup idea has been working out, though more exhausting then previously predicted lol. Totally did not factor in constant weather issues making certain tasks (like basically hourly outdoor potty sessions) a pita lol. But the cuteness overload has made the sleep deprivation...