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  1. TxMom2

    Bulldog clothes suggestions

    I want to start dressing Chief up, since it’s finally going to cool off. I ordered pajamas from Amazon months ago and had to return them due to being way too small. I found which has some really cute coats and hoodies. I ordered a sweater for him. Anyone know where I can...
  2. TxMom2


    What could these lumps be? Some are like patches of hair missing. Some are like hard mole like things. Seem to be getting worse. Going to vet tomorrow with both dogs for parvo shots. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is from pics? It’s hard to keep her still to get good pictures of it.
  3. TxMom2

    Puppy behavior

    1) Chief is now 28 lbs, my 4 y/o daughter is 35 lbs. Chief likes to play very rough, grab on to the bottom of her dress and not let go, growling. She’s lost a few dresses this way from being torn. He and Louise regularly chase her and jump on her. The pups have nipped her but not hard. Don’t get...
  4. TxMom2

    Chief and Louise

    My husband keeps telling me I’m feeding the dogs too early…. He feeds them at around 4 am before he goes to work. By 4:15pm they’re standing in the kitchen staring at me like this… 🥺
  5. TxMom2

    I just want to say thank you to this site and all its members for your support emotionally and beyond.. 😘

    I have been posting on here since the first week I brought my babies 🐶 home.. Everyone here has been so welcoming and helpful in all ways possible. ❤️ 🐶 I never knew there was an English Bulldog site/forum out there 🌎 and I just have to say thank you 🙏 guys so much.. I literally come here for...
  6. TxMom2

    Unexpected ER visit tonight…

    Our boy Chief 🐶 came in from being outside around 8pm and somehow injured the area across the top of his paw (like one of his fingers, idk what to call it) It was cut almost to the bone, almost looked like a clean cut/slice... on the TOP of 1 of his fingers, not the bottom. I have no idea how...
  7. TxMom2

    Cherry eye removal

    We got our 14 wk old EB Chief’s cherry eye removed yesterday. Anyone else had the cherry eye removal and it still looks like this?
  8. TxMom2

    It’s me again. Louise and Chief’s mom- asking about car seats!

    I loaded my pups 🐶 up today to take them to the vet, and it was the first time since the day we brought them home that Chief has been in a vehicle. He has Grown SO MUCH. And he’s so strong/strong willed, that he was ALL OVER THE CAR. 😆 I tried to keep him and Louise secluded to one spot in the...
  9. TxMom2

    Going RAW… puppies

    I might sound like a complete idiot but I’m going to ask anyway. I’m ok with being the idiot 😜 These are my first dogs and first EB’s. Chief is 3 months old - 20 lbs. Louise is 4 months old - 15 lbs. (she’s my sick baby, has been battling pneumonia/bronchitis-on antibiotics for weeks- also has...
  10. TxMom2

    Marty’s natures blend raw?

    Has anyone heard of this food/used this food for their EB? If so where do you get yours??
  11. TxMom2

    Louise perked up today after a terrible and scary night

    Last night, as I posted, Louise was panting 3-4 times the respirations as Chief was. Her mouth was wide open, tongue out, and she was just struggling. She would lie down and not be able to get comfortable and move to a different spot on the couch and she just did that for a long time. I tried to...
  12. TxMom2


    Has anyone ever used or heard of using DMSO liquid in a nebulizer as a bronchodilator in a bulldog with bronchitis/pneumonia? My pup Louise is slowly improving with her diagnosis of bronchitis, pneumonia and hypoplastic trachea- with antibiotics and cough meds. I had a breeder recommended using...
  13. TxMom2

    UPDATE ** Puppy cough, phlegm, productive

    UPDATE: Took her to the vet, the vet says her lungs look horrible, she for sure has bronchitis if not pneumonia. Started her on antibiotics and an expectorant , a script for a nebulizer to start breathing treatments and follow up in a week. The vet also confirmed what the previous emergency vet...
  14. TxMom2

    Nail clippers

    What kind of nail clippers do you guys recommend? Also how do you know how far to go down to clip? I recently bought some clippers from Amazon but when I use them I’m really scared of going too far down so I ended up just barely clipping and making their claws sharper. They’re still babies but...
  15. TxMom2

    Insurance for English bulldogs...??? Yay or Nay??

    Hi Fellow Bulldog LoVers!:heart: I recently got 2 new baby english bulldogs, 2 weeks ago. We have pet insurance through the AKC until June 4. I am looking at pet insurance options and wanted to ask my fellow bulldog lovers and experienced English Bulldog owners, what kind of vet bills do you all...