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  1. Kimberlie

    Ornament exchange

    I love these ornaments so much!!! Thank you!!!
  2. Kimberlie

    Secret Santa

    We love it!!!!!!!
  3. Kimberlie

    Vote for my boys!!!!

    Local contest vote for my boys!!!! Please vote for my boys!!!! Thank you This will be the picture.
  4. Kimberlie

    Bulldog #2

    So...... I just put a deposit on my new bulldog boy!!! He is just now 2 weeks old. I can pick him up in January sometimes. He is just too cute!!! I am curious to see what color he is actually going to be. He looks gray on his left side but has other colors on him. She said something about...
  5. Kimberlie

    Thank you Secret santa

    The boys love everything!! I was waiting on one package then UPS gave me two. I was like a little kid on Christmas when I realized what it was. My husband shot me the funniest look Bahahahah.
  6. Kimberlie

    New bulldog!

    Frenchie that is. Was not planning on getting a baby, I mean always thought about it but we went camping this weekend and it just happened lol. His name is Malloy. His first vet appointment is this coming Saturday. I got all of his papers and everything from his very first check up. He does...
  7. Kimberlie

    But I do fit momma!!

    So my in laws have a bucket I guess filled with water for her dogs. We filled it up fresh for Murphy cause he was hot. But then he did this! Needless to say we will be getting him one.
  8. Kimberlie

    Just pictures :)

    So I usually get on here to look at all the bullies. Don’t post much anymore because we have most of his stuff figured out. Can’t wait for the x mas cards lol
  9. Kimberlie

    Back from the vet

    So we went to the vet yesterday. Murphy was born without a right hip socket. & the left socket isVERY shallow. She pulled up the pictures and before she said anything I looked and said What is wrong with his hips.!!!!! He has fluid on his knees And above his spine she can’t tell if it’s a...
  10. Kimberlie

    Update on Murphy

    So Last night Murphy was limping so bad he could barely walk. His hind legs were the problem. So I called the vet and they got me in today. She said she couldn’t feel anything Did his anal glands Two shots Nail trim Body inspection lol She prescribed carprofen caplets 100mg And he will...
  11. Kimberlie

    Back left hip.???

    Okay so I know I haven’t posted in a long time. Buuut I’m always looking on here at pics :) So Murphy always sits on command-meal times, treats, toys, to show off etc. For the past week, when I ask him to sit he doesn’t, he will back up until he hits the couch, wall or whatever is behind him...
  12. Kimberlie

    He did so good this weekend!

    We went over to stay the weekend in Bend. Shopping, hiking & Eating! The best fish tacos in the world.
  13. Kimberlie

    Leaking anal glands

    It's happened a few times within the last two months that awful smell shows up out of no where! Tonight it was when he was sleeping on me. He's on a grain free diet filtered water etc He shows no sign of discomfort, I cleaned his bottom really well after I smelled what had happened. Is this...
  14. Kimberlie

    Dune & Camping trip

    He was such a trooper! Good the entire time, especially after we found a bowling ball on the beach for him to play with! Slept on his coolaroo later in the evening then snuggled with me at bedtime. The quads/rzrs/bikes etc did not phase him one bit
  15. Kimberlie

    Calender dog haha

  16. Kimberlie

    Too big!!!!

    Apparently I didn't read the measurements!! Ordered a medium one immedietly! He loves it though :) Hopefully it'll get here before camping next weekend, fingers crossed
  17. Kimberlie

    Pictures from the last few days :)

    Getting ready for camping season Just ordered his coolaroo so he's up off the ground Ordered a little hoodie from Baxter boo for $4!!!!!!!! Just need a battery fan and another jolly ball from Costco!! Yay for nice weather!
  18. Kimberlie

    Urine test help!!!!!

    I need some help. This is kind of long :( We took Murphy into the vet the 13th of April for a heartworm test-which was negative. But his chin was extremely swollen, due to acne but it was also irritated. They gave him a steroid shot and antibiotics,-cephalexin and had me get Zyrtec (1/2...
  19. Kimberlie

    Murphys Birthday!

    Murphy is 1 year old today! I can't believe it :( Love him so much. He had a big day. Got to sit in the front seat this morning. Got to play with some friends, then came home and napped pretty hard. Vet visit, ( which I was hoping to make it there in time to ask them to not take his...