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  1. Manydogs

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    @2BullyMama This is good news today. Hoping(to hear more again.) Wish I was closer, so I could do something to help you. I know the stress is exhausting. I will be praying for your family. Hugs to you. :heart: :pray:
  2. Manydogs

    Our Bulldogs Passing

    Me too. It breaks my heart for our dear friends. We love their babies too.:heart:
  3. Manydogs

    Hello! This is Zelda :)

    @ZeldasMom Zelda looks so sweet.Love the pics. Welcome to EBN,and happy to have you and Zelda here. So sorry to learn of the loss of your daughter. Everyone here is always willing to help if you need it or have questions.
  4. Manydogs


    :balloons:Happy Birthday to you, Nyala!(y):heart::birthday2::balloons:I see in one photo that you want Chicken for your birthday dinner! :sarcastic:
  5. Manydogs

    Help! Inverted nipple won’t go back in…

    @Tayler Get NuStock and put some on it. Rub it in.
  6. Manydogs

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Praying that Lambeau (and you all) will get through and all will be well. :pray: :pray::pray::pray::pray:
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    Love that photo of Angus. I know it took so much on your part to let him go. I know how you will be hurting. Sending prayers for you to get through-you know you did the right thing,and always the best for Angus
  8. Manydogs

    Frank being silly!

    That was so cute, I guess he'll be a pool dog like Bella@
  9. Manydogs

    He should have been named MOOSE!

    Love the photos. All the dogs are so cute,such a little happy family!
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    @anatess Angus is telling you that it is time. HE has made the decision. I know how it will hurt, but you and HE know that you have done everything you could, and gave him much more time that was expected. He knows that, and now he is ready to jo urney to the Rainbow bridge. I totally...
  11. Manydogs

    Bulldog clothes suggestions

    Voyagers K9 Apparel makes coats for EB's. There are some on Etsy that make EB clothing. Put English Bulldog clothing for dogs, in the search. @TxMom2
  12. Manydogs

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Christine, So many prayers for Lambeau, and YOU. This is my first read of your post, and my heart is racing. I am so shocked, as I am sure you are. Wish I was near to HUG you and be there for you and Lambeau. Things are getting very scary here lately....
  13. Manydogs

    Had to steal this!!!!

    @1Chumly That is too funny, and close to being true!! Thanks for posting:giggle:
  14. Manydogs

    Hippos spotted in Georgia

    Ha!Ha! you had me fooled-so those two are hippos! Fanciest little hippos I've ever seen! So cute together.
  15. Manydogs

    RIP my beloved Wallygator...

    God bless you, Tracey.
  16. Manydogs

    RIP my beloved Wallygator...

    Tracey, sending more love to you. I know this loss is so painful, and it will take awhile to get through, until you can smile at the good memories. Just checking on you-wish I had you phone# to call and let you know how much I care.:heart:
  17. Manydogs

    Biting on his stuffed animal

    I agree with @Cbrugs, that it is a comfort thing. Mine now would chew it up, but I had two other dogs that would lay with the stuffie in their mouths, and sometimes carry it around. I think it's so cute.
  18. Manydogs

    My man Manny. In his new collar. Smilling away.

    Manny-you look marvelous! Prepare to be surrounded by the bully babes!
  19. Manydogs

    Which one has the attitude? 😂

    Bella knows she is THE star in that house and she is sulking about those youngsters taking over!! That was funny:love:
  20. Manydogs

    Harvey Specter is gone all of a sudden -

    Please accept my condolences for your devastating loss. Very recently I was thinking of him because he and you had not been "here" lately. Harvey was the star of the photo contests,and we will miss him. He will be the movie star at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace, Harvey and then run like the...