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    Great pictures and Happy Birthday, Nyala!
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    Had to steal this!!!!

    Mine is definitely the Hippo!
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    Bongo had passed.

    So very sorry for your loss. 😢
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    Fired the vet

    I would never leave my pet overnight without supervision. When Chumly had his Splenectomy, I took him to a specialist 24/7 Animal Hospital for just that reason. It cost three times as much but I knew he was under constant care!
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    I am so very sorry. What a gorgeous boy! It is an incredibly difficult thing to do but you did it with love for him.
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    Not sure if really ready but . . . looking

    What state are you in? Maybe someone on here knows something that may help you if we know the state.
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    Had to steal this!!!!

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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Poor Lambeau. Sending hugs and prayers your way. 🙏🙏🙏
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    Big news!

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    My Sweet Harlea Passed Away

    This is awful news. 3 of our longtime buddies recently passed away. I am so very sorry. The only comfort I can offer is that she passed away in the most peaceful way possible. Heartbreaking.
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    RIP my beloved Wallygator...

    Oh no. What sad news. I am so sorry for your loss. We know how much he meant to you and how much you will miss him. Sleep well, Wally.
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    Adaquan. Update

    Just got back from the Vets. It was quite a lengthy visit but the end result is that neither Adaquan nor Laser treatments will help him. Buster's arthritis is in his elbows and he said it is the very worst place to get it. If it was his hips or shoulders, it would be a different story. He...
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    Adaquan. Update

    @lovebuddy. Thanks, I'm going this morning and my vet does offer cold laser treatments so will ask him.
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    Adaquan. Update

    Thanks. Will definitely check it out.
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    Adaquan. Update

    He has been on the mussel powder for a month (your recommendation) and no, I have not put him on Omega 3. I will do that. I feed him Zignature. I would like to do raw but cannot find a reasonably priced source and also do not have a freezer for storage so can't buy in bulk.
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    Reggie! We have a name!

    Good morning, Reggie! Such a sweetie.
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    Harvey Specter is gone all of a sudden -

    I was not expecting to read this sad news this morning. I am so very sorry for your loss and fully understand how devastated and lost you feel. RIP sweet Harvey.
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    Adaquan. Update

    Buster is really suffering from his arthritis, and I am at a loss how to help him. He is on Gabapentin, Rimadyl, Glucosamine and green lipped mussel powder. I hate he has to take Rimadyl but he can barely move without it. I have tried CBD oil and nothing. Someone suggested Adaquan but apart...
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    What Does B.O.H.I.C.A Mean

    So sorry it happened to you. Apparently, Toyota and Nissan are the preferred vehicles for CC theft. It is appalling and they are very expensive to replace.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome! No advice for puppies as all of mine have been adult but you have come to the right place, and someone will be along to help. BTW, we love photos!