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  1. Zue10

    Isabella ~ December 23/08 to July 16/22

    I’m so sorry for your loss.
  2. Zue10

    Happy 9th Birfday To Me

    Happy birthday Harlea! :cake3: May you get all the treats you want.
  3. Zue10

    Dozer has been doing poorly lately...

    I hope Dozer gets better soon. Sending hugs and good vibes.
  4. Zue10

    MINI aspirated several times yesterday...

    I’m sorry for your loss!🥲
  5. Zue10

    Should we neuter or not?

    My boy is four years (chocolate tri) old and he is intact. He haven’t showed any behavior issues. He is healthy. You can find a veterinarian who specializes in vasectomy surgery. My veterinarian recommended that surgery instead of neutering my boy. All I can recommend is do the research, no one...
  6. Zue10

    What color is my English bull dog puppy for akc paperwork?

    I have a chocolate tri. In order to register him I had to sent pictures. They picked the color for the registration as bronze. Call them they will provide you with instruction.
  7. Zue10

    Tayto is a big brother

    :congrats2: awesome picture!
  8. Zue10

    Bella’s headrest....

    Great pictures!
  9. Zue10

    Different kinds of bulldogs i didnt know

    I agree people should not categorize all English Bulldogs as lazy and dumb.:rolleyes: Delaney your boy is gorgeous!
  10. Zue10

    Hi everyone!!!

    :welcome2: He sure is a cutie.
  11. Zue10

    Hey Georgians! Epic bulldog show this Saturday!!!

    Great pictures! Bella is something else.:heart:
  12. Zue10

    A nice pool day!

    She is so cute having a relaxing day!
  13. Zue10

    Tayto's Cousin Came to Stay

    They are so cute!
  14. Zue10

    Need more Bulldog...

    Beautiful photo!
  15. Zue10

    How many

    Zeus is my first fur baby, but I would love to have a girl in a couple of years.
  16. Zue10

    Article: April 2018 Bulldog of the Month Contest Winners!!!!

    :congrats4: - - - Updated - - - Congratulations!!!!!
  17. Zue10

    Tear stains help!!!

    I unfortunately don’t have experience with tears stains. I saw these cream at Amazon it’s rated 4.5. I hope it helps.[ATTACH=CONFIG]112409