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  1. ThatsBull

    Tia's back at agility!!

    So after Tia unexpectedly went into heat a couple of weeks ago (the SPCA and the vet she saw when she was with them thought they felt a scar from a spay), tonight was Tia's first class back at agility. She had missed 2 classes, but I attended one of them because my friends are in the same class...
  2. ThatsBull

    Tia the Taster

    So...I had the most revolting wake up today.... I work overnights, so I sleep during the day. My 10 year old daughter was off school today because she has impetigo, which is contagious. She is not ill, so she was chilling out at home while I slept. I typically sleep until 3 or 3:30 when the...
  3. ThatsBull

    Tia's #2 Agility Class, crappy pics included!

    We did our second agility class tonight. Tia ran her little heart out! She did awesome. Tonight we recapped jumping poles and touching a target, then moved on to the tunnel and the suspended wheel. I had a friend take a few pictures, but they didn't turn out well at all (my phone's fault, not...
  4. ThatsBull

    Any advice for life with a diabetic (Non-EB) dog??

    Does anyone have any advise for a diabetic dog? Our 10 year old Rottweiler had a serious bout of pancreatitis several weeks ago that almost cost him his life, more than once. He has been exhibiting signs of diabetes since he got past the worst of the infection. It took a couple of weeks between...
  5. ThatsBull

    Tia did it!!! Agility Class #1!

    So we did our first agility class tonight, Tia LOVED it! Mostly it was familiarizing them with the clickers, learning to touch a target with their nose, and learning to go over jumps (short short, they started off with the bar on the ground). It wasn't that much physical work, but mentally it...
  6. ThatsBull

    Who has a small bully?

    How many here have small bullies, like quite a bit smaller than average? If so, can you post current pictures? Tia weighs in at a whopping 34lbs at about 1 yr old.
  7. ThatsBull

    Ideas for tracking down Tia's breeder?

    I was wondering if any of you smart, creative people had any ideas to help me out. I am making an effort to locate Tia's breeder. She is not microchipped, so I realize this means 2 things: 1)She is more than likely from a backyard breeder 2) Even if she isn't, finding her breeder could prove...
  8. ThatsBull

    Attempting Beginner Agility!

    So, I am just wondering if anyone has taken their EB to Agility? Tia and I are registering for an 8 week Beginner Agility class tomorrow night. She is a quick learner, has lots of energy, and loves to please, so I think this will be a BLAST. My best friend is an old pro at agility, has taught...
  9. ThatsBull

    Pet Insurance (in Canada) for your Bully

    Hi there, So, with my recent $1500 in vet bills for my old man Rotty (not bad seeing as he spent 5 days and nights in the vet clinic), I was wondering if any of you Canadian EB owners have pet insurance, and if you do, who through? When I adopted Tia, the manager at the SPCA told me that the...
  10. ThatsBull

    The whole freaking clan!

    Ok, well I have 1 cat missing from the pictures (it seems I don't have a picture of her), and I didn't include the 2 birds and the 2 rats here, but here is our clan. The first picture is our cat Cricket (SPCA cat). He thinks he is a dog! Next is my Percheron horse, Moustache Bob. I have had him...
  11. ThatsBull

    Brand New from Saskatchewan Canada!!

    Hi There! I just wanted to introduce myself a little bit! My name is Christine, I am the mom to 2 girls (8yrs and 10 yrs), 3 dog fur babies, 2 cat fur babies, and 2 horses (boarded, we don't have an acreage). About 6 months ago, I adopted a 10 year old Rottweiler from a local SPCA (about an...