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  1. bulldogmom420

    Porkchop has passed

    what a beautiful boy, you can see what a happy, great life he had with you in those photos. sending you so much love ❤️
  2. bulldogmom420

    Food query

    I saw a few recommendations in other threads for a few Canadian brands that looked amazing, but unfortunately I am in the states so I did some digging to find the equivalent of those suggestions here, as a lot of what comes up online are very boutique-esque brands like the farmers dog and a few...
  3. bulldogmom420!

    I’m so sorry for your baby, I am trying to help manage my boys allergies at the moment and I know how disheartening it is to see them suffer. I wanted to suggest something that my hyper boy enjoyed, and it seemed to calm him down while also soothe his paws that are flaring up a bit currently I...
  4. bulldogmom420

    Help Needed! Cyst between toes. Remedies? Ointments? Anything?

    I had luck with entederm, our vet prescribed it- I have also been doing this thing where I put oats into a sock and pull it over the tub faucet and let it run through the oats. I’ll fill up the tub with about an inch or two of water with the oats and my boy stands in it and soaks for a few...