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  1. SidNBear

    Rehoming dog transition

    hey! It's been a minute! I've been so busy with work and life I don't have much time for other things! But I'll just get right into the question! So I work at a dog boarding facility and one of our semi-regular customers needs to rehome their dog, Charlie. So I feel fortunate enough that I was...
  2. SidNBear

    Feeding amount

    I just wanted to know how much everyone is feeding their pups, I feed bear 3/4 of a cup twice a day and it seems to be working well for him, he's lost the 5 or so extra pounds his vet wanted off and has been maintaining his shape. He has good muscle tones and a visible waist. I keep his kibble...
  3. SidNBear

    Collars for the child

    So bear has a harness that I walk him on and I want a collar for him so I can put his air tag and ids on it however every collar I look at seems to choke him. Not literally but his neck rolls make every collar look ridiculous! I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of collar brand that...
  4. SidNBear

    Bear Turns 1!

    We finally made it, Bear is officially 1 and I cannot be any more grateful to all of our family, vets friends and bulldog family on this wonderful website, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you. He has shown me love in its purest form, and unwavering trust which I will spend forever...
  5. SidNBear

    Emergency Vet trip

    Bear can never not be the center of attention I swear, this morning he was chewing his paws which happens with his allergy flair ups so I got his soothing mousse from the vet and slathered it on his paws. I went to give him a treat and realized his face was swelling up. I kinda freaked and had...
  6. SidNBear

    Is bear too small??

    So I really just want other's opinions but I feel like Bear is so tiny, he's less than 20 inches at the shoulder but was 50 pounds last time we weighed him at the vet. (she had us cut back his food so he stays on the slimmer side). She also remarked on how compact he is she told us all his...
  7. SidNBear

    Long time no see (literally)

    Hi everyone! Me and bear are back and could be better. This new format isn't my favorite but my love for bear has pushed me to get over it. So bear has been great, he's now 50 pounds and 11 months old. He's had a few vet issues but most could be fixed with a very expensive allergy shot! Anyway...
  8. SidNBear

    Male dog Pestering female dog

    So bear is completely obsessed with my sisters dog Emma, he is still un-neutered and Emma was fixed when she was about 1 1/2 she's now 5. Bear goes up to her and will shove his face in her privates and lick, she hates it and will growl, snap and run from him. He won't stop until we get on to him...
  9. SidNBear

    Bear got stung by a wasp

    So I just let bear outside along with our other dog Emma, I wasn't paying attention but I looked over and thought he was playing with a piece of grass because that the kind of stuff he does but it kind of registered that it was a little red wasp and before I could even think it moved and flew...
  10. SidNBear

    Back and better

    It has been a hot minute since I've been on the forum, don't worry nothing bad has happened my sister finally moved in! College has started, bear is now humping and we have to get ready for the holidays, my aunts birthday and my cousins wedding are coming around in October so that's exciting...
  11. SidNBear

    Issue with Tapatalk

    Is anyone else having an issue with the Tapatalk app? I'm not able to post or even see the forum I'm using the website on my phone but I admit I'm not quite as savvy on this lol.
  12. SidNBear

    General Question Overexcitable

    So bear loves strangers and other dogs which is a given for this breed however he seems to get too overexcited when he meets his "friends" I'm fully aware of his breathing issues as our vet has spoken to us regarding elongated soft palate surgery however she isn't comfortable doing the surgery...
  13. SidNBear

    Reunited and it feels so good!

    I have returned! My trip was wonderful and I had a great time however I missed my bear more and more every day! I got back on Wednesday and it’s been a bit in high gear so I’m just now being able to stop and post pictures of the chunk. He’s officially 5 months old and a hefty 32.6 pounds! Our...
  14. SidNBear

    Not so relaxing vacation

    I’m in Dallas for about a month and I’m missing Bear immensely. My mom has told me he still looks for me in the morning and they are learning to work together as bear is used to me doing his upkeep [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] my mom never realized how high maintenance he really is. This is...
  15. SidNBear

    Peach season!

    I’m curious if my link to a tiktok I made will work for on here, please let me know if it does! Bear apparently loves peaches, my mom got a bag of them from her boss and they have been delicious so naturally I want to share with my chunky. He loves lots of...
  16. SidNBear

    Bears new harness

    You are all probably sick of my posting so I’ll lay off a bit but after I show y’all this!! Bear has started to grow out of his first harness, so I decided to buy one that was more mature and can grow with him possibly till he’s over a year...
  17. SidNBear

    Memory box for puppy

    So my other dog that lives with my sister recently had her toys chewed up by my aunts new dog, our dog doesn’t play rough with her toys at all so we never needed to put them away. The only issue with the toys being ruined is that our dog has had them since she was a puppy. Many of them being...
  18. SidNBear

    The manager will see you now

    Someone stop him from getting so big [emoji30][emoji30] I don’t really notice his size until I’m looking back at photos of him and see how big he’s gotten.
  19. SidNBear

    Bear In the yard

    So this is mostly to see if this works but here’s a link to a YouTube video of bear playing in the yard, it’s actually really cute because it’s the first time he went off to play on his own! Our yard is pretty big so he tends to stay right on the patio and only goes on the grass for relieving...
  20. SidNBear

    Other Emma and bear met!

    My sister, her boyfriend and our dog decided to surprise us Tuesday night as they are off on Wednesday and Emma and bear got to meet quicker than expected. I knew Emma would be fine it was just me wondering how bear would react to a giant dog around him, he actually fell in love with her, he...