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  1. KrysA724

    Sores on tongue and chin

    Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long! Brisket has been doing well for the most part, but today I noticed something weird. He was trying to chew on one of my daughters stuffed animals when I noticed he was smacking, so I opened his mouth to try and see if he had anything in there, but instead...
  2. KrysA724

    How much he’s grown!

    Hey everyone! I was lookin through photos of Brisket, and it got me how much he’s grown! He’s getting so big, but he’s such a handsome fella! Thought you all would like to see the most recent photo of him.
  3. KrysA724

    Prolapsed urethra!?

    Hey guys, So lately things have been hectic, with me starting a new job (remote), and my kids going to school full time here at home, I’ve been crazy busy. But yesterday, I noticed Brisket sitting on the edge of his dog bed, and the tip of his penis was red and swollen. It Looks inflamed and...
  4. KrysA724

    Swallow first, ask later

    Question. Brisket is a fast eater, always has been, but I’ve starting to limit that by giving him a little at a time and using a slow feeder bowl, but today he grabbed a bone out of my hand (I was not giving it to him) and he swallowed it whole!! It was a round pork bone and I had to use...
  5. KrysA724

    The inevitable is a reality!

    So, as you all know, I was having issues with Brisket and his tear stains, some redness, and some itching on his skin. We tried using witch hazel, tear stain cream, switching from grain to grain-free food, adding allergy medication, and no luck. He's 4 months old, and my husband and I have made...
  6. KrysA724

    I’m not watching you

    Inconspicuously watching me eat...
  7. KrysA724

    Tear stains suddenly

    So Brisket has been eating Fromm puppy gold, and it is not grain free, but I do plan on transitioning to it soon, however he has been getting into the habit of getting into Oreos food and he is eating Fromm with grain( it’s the chicken a la veg) and his tear stains have been getting dark. Both...
  8. KrysA724

    Terrible view at the vet

    The picture says it all :chapped:
  9. KrysA724

    Aggressive playing

    Hey guys! So as you all know, I have had Brisket for a little while, and he shares our home with a bunny (that is not in danger with Brisket around) and Oreo, our 5 year old schnauzer. Now, when we first brought Brisket home, Oreo was excited and very sweet and caring, playful with him, and...
  10. KrysA724

    A flower for you 🌹

    Isn’t he just a charmer???
  11. KrysA724

    Collar sizes

    Hey everyone! Brisket is growing bigger and bigger every day and has nearly outgrown his harness and definitely his collar. I am looking to buy one for him, but was wondering what size I should go with. I am looking for a neck collar, and want one that will continue to fit him as he grows. It...
  12. KrysA724

    Brotherly love ❤️

    Awww, love seeing how well they have gotten along. Oreo takes such good care of baby Brisket 😍😍
  13. KrysA724

    ACV and Coconut oil benefits???

    Hey everyone! I read the FAQ on ACV, and I saw there were some benefits because it's an anti-inflammatory, and it boosts the immune system, but what about coconut oil? What other benefits does ACV have? I know it is good to add it to food or water, but how much and why would be great...
  14. KrysA724

    Addressing a potty accident late

    Hey everyone. I am still working on potty training Brisket, but he seems not to be making any progress anymore! His biting it getting better, as is the leash training, but the potty training is still on the rocks. I have been keeping him in a small area lately because he keeps having...
  15. KrysA724

    Shampoo & Conditioner Recommendations

    Are there any suggestions for shampoo and conditioner for my little one? He's small and has only been bathed by me once, but I was wondering if you all new of anything that is gentle and natural that will help keep him clean whenever bath time does come (not often)?
  16. KrysA724

    TEXAS English Bulldog Available for Adoption

    Hey all, during my time in search of an EBD, I can across quite a few EBDs looking for forever homes and thought I could post some to see if anyone in their vicinity might be able to help. I could not post on any of the adoption threads and felt bad for this guy! He seems so sweet, but...
  17. KrysA724

    Wants momma’s milk!??

    Hey bullie lovers!! Me and Brisket were hanging out watching some tv when he suddenly started whining. I put him on the floor and he ran to his bed and started trying to get milk out of it like he was still suckling his momma. It nearly broke my heart. He whined so much. He’s 9 weeks now, and...
  18. KrysA724

    Share you silly names here!

    My little family has had 4 dogs since my husband and I met, and we’ve named them after a form of food, candy, snack, etc. we always get asked why we name them like that, but we just felt it went with them! What’s wrong with that!? We’ve had a chawheenie named Twix Then we had cinnamon, a mix...
  19. KrysA724

    Best puppy food for 8 week old

    Brisket was purchased at 6 weeks old from a local breeder. He was on pedigree puppy dry food with a mix of soft food. He eats 4 times a day with about 1/4 and 1.5 Tbs of wet food each time. However, since I brought him home, I noticed his doodie is really soft, kind of diarrhea like. I want to...
  20. KrysA724

    Brisket does not like leashes!

    Brisket is only 8 weeks old, and though we have a fenced in backyard, I thought it would be a good idea to start trying to leash train him. I have experience doing this with other breeds, but Brisket was not having it. He got so aggressive towards the leash and began biting it and trying to rip...