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  1. Marine91

    New Member and Lots To Learn

    Welcome to the site.
  2. Marine91

    My girl!

    Such a lovable smushy face.
  3. Marine91

    Happy 9th Birfday To Me

    Happy 9th birthday to my lovable snot rocket Harlea.... Where has the time gone? She is another year older and while she hasn't slowed down she is starting to go deaf and blind in her left eye. Either way she is still a lovable and bossy bundle of I think I own everything... .
  4. Marine91


    Welcome to the site!
  5. Marine91

    Antler Chew

    Acadia or the local shop when they have moose paddles in stock.
  6. Marine91

    Gilbert's 1st Birthday !

    Happy Birfday!:cake3::cake4::birthday6::birthday:
  7. Marine91 Site Upgrade

    The site looks great. Shouldn't take too much time to get used to it.
  8. Marine91

    Bulldog with small head, will it grow?

    My snot rocket Harlea is a petite girl. Small head and lean body and full of spunk at 8 years old. Just remember bullies come in all shapes and sizes small to large.
  9. Marine91

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    I am so sorry for your loss. Rest easy sweet Nigel.
  10. Marine91

    General Question 11-week old puppy doesn't wag her tail?

    A lot of bullies can't wag their tails for one reason or another. Many times like mine when they try they wind up wagging their whole rear end.
  11. Marine91

    Happy Birfday to Me

    Harlea says thank you for all the birthday wishes. She even got some rabbit last night for a snack which she devoured in less than 10 seconds and she got a new stuffed pickle to replace her stinky Christmas tree that she has been suckling for about 5 years now.
  12. Marine91

    Happy Birfday to Me

    Where has the time gone? Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet snot rocket Harlea! It seems just like yesterday that I found this site and started asking questions in anticipation of bringing my little furball home. So today she is starting her day in typical Harlea fashion by snoozing in her 2nd...
  13. Marine91

    Surgery Time

    Harlea saw the specialist last week and while she does have a bunch of lashes he said they were soft and wants to hold off on removing them for now. Either way we still have to put drops in her eyes twice a day now as her tear ducts are working as well as they should but she has stopped rubbing...
  14. Marine91

    Surgery Time

    She sees the specialist on the 8th. I have to work so my wife is taking her but i will be sure she asks about plucking instead of the cryo surgery. I will keep everyone posted. I am surprised that this is an issue now as i would have thought we would have seen this several years ago.
  15. Marine91

    Surgery Time

    Well..... Harlea Bug is at it again. We noticed her squinting a bit out of the blue a few days ago so we got her in to the vet this morning and low and behold she has Distichiasis. The earliest appointment we could get her with the specialist for the surgical consult is next Monday, but in the...
  16. Marine91

    What is your Bully’s favourite thing?

    Aside from everyone she sees she has this stuffed Christmas tree that her absolute favorite. Even though she is almost 8 year old she still likes to suckle on it every day. She has had it for about 5 years and it has definitely seen better days but it is still in decent enough shape although a...
  17. Marine91

    Are these issues food related?

    I concur that it is highly doubtful that the food is the cause and should be checked by a vet s it could be just about anything.
  18. Marine91

    Merry Christmas from EBN...

    Belated Merry Christmas to everyone. It has been an eventful last few months that I have had me all riled up and about to go insane.
  19. Marine91

    Seeking Diet Advice

    My baby is pretty much allergic to everything under the sun including herself. What we did was to use The Honest Kitchen Base mix and garbanzo beans for 30 days to flush her system and then begin trying different animal proteins to see what she could handle and what she couldn't. It took us...
  20. Marine91

    Newbie Here

    :welcome: to the site.