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  1. cali baker

    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    This is a Vet VENT: I just paid overy $50.00 for a neo/poly/dex eye ointment at the Vet's office. I checked on Chewy dot com and this same medication is <$13.00!!! I feel like such a dumb dumb now. :*(
  2. cali baker

    Pseudomonas Infection

    Hi all, My bully Tate has had a skin wound on his hind leg for over a year now. The vet at first treated him with a cephalosporin antibiotic (Simplicef) which seemed to "cure" it but once the regimen ended, the wound recurred. The latest vet took a smear of the wound and found that one of the...
  3. cali baker

    It's Been Awhile

    Hi gang, It's been a very long time since I've been on the forum. I see some familiar names/faces and it's so wonderful to see EBN going strong with lots of bulldog-love all around. Thanks to Lisa for always keeping me in the loop, and keeping the EBN "door" open for me. My bulldogs are Finn...
  4. cali baker

    Hey all you So Cal Bully Owners!

    So Cal Bulldog Rescue will be having a wine tasting fundraising event at the end of September in beautiful Temecula, CA. I'm providing a link to this event here: I got my tickets and am looking forward to meeting others there! :D
  5. cali baker

    Olympics, anyone?

    So...anyone watching the Olympics in Rio and which are your favorite events?! I missed the Opening Ceremonies last night but I'm looking forward to watching the gymnastics, swimming, diving, and track and field events. Those are my favorites. :judges:
  6. cali baker

    Doggy Door--Good Idea?

    Everyone I talk to tells me to get a doggy door installed to make life easier for everyone, dogs included. Do you have a doggy door for your bulldog and how is it working out? My fear with the door is that my bully will go outside but will then not be able to climb back inside, and it will be...
  7. cali baker

    Tate and Finn Say "Hi!"

    It's been awhile since I've shared some pictures of Tate and Finn so I wanted to share these snaps that I took of them today. I just returned from my mini-vacation in Las Vegas yesterday, and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to see them. It really is hard to be separated from my two boo-boos.
  8. cali baker

    Is this normal?

    I was eating my breakfast just now...a bowl of oatmeal with yogurt. And Tate stared at me like he usually does when I'm eating and he's not. So, I looked into his sad, big brown eyes and I gave him a spoonful of my breakfast, and then Finn came along and I did the same to him. I then continued...
  9. cali baker

    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

    I regularly listen to a Christian music station here in So Cal and during the air-time, they will play interviews with people to offer encouragement and inspiration. I was listening this morning while I was at Starbuck's when this lady talked about how her father wanted to find a special song...
  10. cali baker

    Sometimes I feel like an inadequate dog parent

    The reason for my post title is b/c I do at times feel like I'm not a good parent. (I can be rather self-critical and this is something I'm working on, believe me). So last night I decide to take the boys out for a walk. This is something I have been VERY lax in during the past year. There...
  11. cali baker

    Thinking of hiring a Pet Sitter...

    I work pretty long hours during the day which means Finn and Tate are left at home alone. Tate is not confined and has free reign of the living room whereas Finn is crated. I just got the new play-pen for Finn though which means he has more room besides the crate to walk around in ,so he's not...
  12. cali baker

    Help Needed! Finn's been Throwing Up :(

    So my little Boo-Boo-Finn started throwing up this morning. He was having reverse sneezing along with the vomiting. I thought he was done with vomiting after the first round since most of his breakfast came out but the little guy threw up a couple more times where it was frothy bile and I did...
  13. cali baker

    General Question Ouch!

    This is what Finn's neck looks like after his vet visit this morning. The area was very crusty and hard, and beneath was dried blood. The reason why I took him to the vet today was because he's been so ITCHY for the past month or more. I've tried everything--switching foods, adding fish oil...
  14. cali baker

    Finn is always HUNGRY!

    Finn has been changing lately; he weighed in at 48 lbs this past Tuesday. He used to weigh in the mid 50's and 57lbs was his highest. Since his illness with the diarrhea and also the hip dysplasia, I've been stricter with the food, cooking his food for him and have also decreased the processed...
  15. cali baker

    Finn's Recital for National Dog's Day

    I hope you will enjoy Finn's accompaniment to the Chinese flute (sorry the angle is showing his fanny tho :blush2:) Finn howling with flute - YouTube
  16. cali baker

    I think I will try home-cooking again!

    When both Tate and Finn had intestinal issues (diarrhea) recently I put both on a home cooked diet of steamed rice and either poached chicken breast or very lean ground beef. Their only snack was a bowl of chicken broth and occasionally, pumpkin and yogurt. Tate was on this regimen for about 2...
  17. cali baker

    What do you "binge watch" on TV?

    I'm on vacation and am catching up on some TV shows. I don't have cable so i either watch via Amazon Prime or the "free" TV programs offered online. I recently watched the whole season of a show called Harper's Island. I had never heard of it until now but it premiered in 2009! If you like a...
  18. cali baker

    Stair Recommendation

    Finn was recently diagnosed w/hip dysplasia after he fell down on concrete while jumping for a toy. He's to be on "bed rest" (very challenging, btw!) for two weeks. Once he gets better and after the 2wk period is over I would like him to come sleep on my bed again. Right now he's on a floor...
  19. cali baker

    Tate LOVES Popcorn and Calamari!

    Here's Tate indulging in some popcorn while watching the boob tube: and for dinner tonight, he had calamari:
  20. cali baker

    General Question Bloody poop

    This week has been a humdinger. I don't even know really know what that means but i have no more energy to think of anything creative or witty. Tonight I come home from work (TGIF!), only to be welcomed by a dining room floor with several piles of diarrhea with blood in it. Panic time!!! It's...