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    General Question Skin Issue

    Good day everyone, I hope you are making ok during the corona virus. Bella was doing a lot of scratching last evening so I decided to give her a bath. On our way to the bathroom I noticed a spot on back, it was bloody. After the bath I put polysporin on the spot and today it looks much better...
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    General Question Natural Remedies for ???

    Happy Holidays to you all. Awhile ago I am sure I saw a post or two on the website about a couple of natural remedies that I purchased And used for a short time but now I am not 100% sure what they were recommended for. Euphrasia, I believe it was for eye problems. I would like to know if this...
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    Help Needed! Reoccurring UTI

    Good day everyone, I hope you are enjoying the summer. It’s me again asking for some opinions on a reoccurring UTI. Bella, an 80lb 11 year old female spoiled bully continues to have reoccurring UTI, here is where we are for 2019: January 6th she was on Amoxiclav for 28 days for a UTI February...
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    General Question Car Travel

    My female EB Bella doesn’t enjoy car rides, she gets all worked up so I avoid taking her in the car. I have tried sitting in the car with her parked in the driveway with the engine not running and with the engine running but that hadn’t worked. The problem I have now is that we have a tiny home...
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    I am back regarding Bella’s ON GOING “apparent staph’ skin infection that she gets one or twice every year usually between December and April. She started showing signs of reoccurring about mid April. The first thing I did was bath her using Nizoral shampoo to kill the bacteria and get the loose...
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    General Question Staph Skin Infection

    Hello to all, Bella my EB is starting to show early signs of a staph skin infection that she has had in the past always around this time of year. I am checking with you about the correct dosage of clavulin tables for her, online they say it is 6.25mg per lb, Bella is 80lbs so that is 500mg twice...
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    General Question Cranberry Bladder Bites

    Good day, because Bella, my bullie has reaccruing UTI I ordered cranberry bladder bites and gave Bella her the first one and unfortunately she really doesn’t like the taste or the texture of them at all, she spit it out and made faces that I haven’t seen on her before, has anyone else had this...
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    Help Needed! Is it a Reoccurring UTI Problem or Not ???

    Happy holidays to everyone. Bella is a 9 year old spayed female EB, for the past couple of years she has been having problems that lead us to believe she has had a UTI, when it starts she has the usual UTI symptoms, false pees, signs of blood in her pee, a blood clot or two and peeing in the...
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    General Question Cultured Coconut Kefir ???

    I am wondering if anyone has given their BD cultured coconut kefir, here is a link with the details. Home
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    New Member with Pictures

    Here are a few pictures, Bella is the fawn EBD, Bullwinkle is the brindle EBD and Rocky is the German Shepherd. Rocky and Bullwinkle both passed away at 14 years old last year, Bella being the baby is the only one left, she will be 9 years old in May. Rocky and Bullwinkle were both rescue dogs...
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    Help Needed! Skin Problem

    Hello, I am new to this website, I found the site because I was searching for information on EBD skin problems. My EBD, Bella has had problems since I picked her up at 8 weeks old almost 9 years ago but regardless we love her. In early fall I noticed a few spots on her back which likely were hot...