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    Joint Supplements/Pain Remedies

    I have the same issue with Roxy , almost 11 year next May. But I would recommend, so far I saw improvement with (natural dog company brand) Multivitamin organic ingredients duck & sweet potato for heart, skin and coat, vision, immune system , hip and joint. Also vitamin E 67 mg solgar brand...
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    FAQ: Has your bulldog ever had Idiopathic Head Tremors?

    My Roxy started after TPLO surgery, the third day because the medications anesthesia, azeprox and tramadol, but now she is doing better, I received a message here that low sugar and calcium will trigger this partial head movement. So I starts given her kefir cheese and cottage cheese low...
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    Help Needed! 6 month old female in heat?

    Roxy get a temper ., I guess like us females really bipolar, but she gets mad with Rocky puggie and don't want him around her , then she got back to normal . So if you have more dogs watch how she act around them
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    URGENT!!! Please Help!!! Skin issues are severe!!!

    I'm so sorry poor baby Winston, but take to the dermatologist, and honesty I don't trust commercial dog food anymore, I stop given to my babes, I cook plain chicken, lamb or meat , and make a pot of barley, peas, lentils and beans also frozen veggies spinach and watch for the sodium , my Roxy...
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    Thank You Bullmama, I am just glad she is getting better, she went already thru so much.

    Thank You Bullmama, I am just glad she is getting better, she went already thru so much.
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    Article: Head Tremors in English Bulldogs

    So far Roxy is now doing much better, stop the phenobarbitan, tremors/seizures . She is eating lots of home cook food, bone soup, low fat cottage cheese and kefir (once a day) and I am mixing pineapple juice on her food once or twice a week. Plus vitamins for her TPLO bone healing.
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    Extremely SEVERE allergies... has anyone dealt with something this bad before?

    I agree with a new vet and also if you can ask to see if your baby have some test for vitamins deficiency as well some type of home cook diet to bring up the immune system, I cook for my baby girl Roxy, I hope your baby get better, so sorry. pssst I don't use house cleaning chemical on the...
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    Found ad for neglected bulldog, please help.

    Please get a second opinion before, my dog never received any medical care now she developed seizures/ tremors because of it, and surgery is way to much distress, if the dog need it go for it but if she is not in pain or having infections, don't put her thru it. I'm sorry but I saying this...
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    Thank You

    Thank You
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    Article: Head Tremors in English Bulldogs

    My Roxy was on HW treatment prednisone , antibiotics around june -july done with and then in September tore her ACL when to surgery TPLO, nostrils plus soft palate in one day, right after the third day she started in the morning with the seizures/ tremors, but my vet said seizures for taking...
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    Thank You

    Thank You