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  1. Miss Lola

    Suggestions for weight gain?

    Hi I'm looking for any suggestions to add a few pounds on to our boy Floyd. He is almost 9 months old and so super skinny. Our pups have definitely grown differently our Lola who is 7 weeks older is quite short and stocky where he just kept shooting up and getting skinnier which made sense. But...
  2. Miss Lola

    Bully Boxers!

    I couldn't help myself, had to share. This was my answer to the problem of Lola entering the second stage of being in heat and her and Floyd are trying to go at it constantly. So they both get to wear a pair of my sons boxers so they keep their parts to themselves and stop driving me crazy. Not...
  3. Miss Lola

    Feeling very angry, need advice!

    Ok here goes my rant, I'm going to take a short story and make it long... Some of you will have already heard the beginning of this story so bare with me. When we got our boy pup last November I noticed something odd with his urine with in a day and had it tested thinking a possible UTI. It...
  4. Miss Lola

    Advise: Lola's in heat!

    Hi Everyone, Lola has just gone into her first heat today, and I was just looking for some ideas on what to use to keep things tidy during this time from actual people who have experience with this. The one idea I've heard of was a pair of men's boxers with a pad inside. Any other advise...
  5. Miss Lola

    Lola is having her eyes done today!

    So Lola's cherry eye seem to be bothering her and last week she started waking up with the whole eye gummed up so we decided to not wait and see if the other eye was going to need surgery and just book her in to get it done. Surgery was scheduled for today however about 3 days ago the other eye...
  6. Miss Lola

    Cherry Eye Questions?

    Hi everyone, Lola has recently gotten cherry eye in both eyes. But it comes and goes, usually within an hour. It pops out and as soon as she has a rest it goes back in. Can anyone tell me at what point the Vet would deal with it. Will they fix it if it's not popped out permanently? Can they...
  7. Miss Lola

    See how big I am in my bed now....

    I feel like the pups have been the same size forever but I also spend everyday with them and I guess I don't really notice their growth day to day. Then I decided to look at some pics of when we first got them and saw the big difference when I looked at Lola in the bed then compared to the two...
  8. Miss Lola

    Floyd's getting neutered today!

    Feeling a little antsy this morning while waiting to drop Floyd off at the vet. I know I'm going to turn in to a big baby when I get there. I actually started crying once when someone else was dropping there dog off for surgery. Only because the mom started crying as she was on the floor telling...
  9. Miss Lola

    Help: Bully Attacking my daughter

    Help-any advice welcomed and sorry for the long post. Lola our 6 month old female bully started a few months back to randomly attack our 12 yr old daughter. It wasn't very aggressive at first, mostly she would start jumping at her while she was sitting at one of the bar stools and then nip a...
  10. Miss Lola

    Question- Bully Bedtime?

    Just wondering what time everyone's bullies settle in bed for the night? Also what time do they get up for the day?
  11. Miss Lola

    Floyd's tongue has finally started to poke out!

    Floyd has finally joined This weird phenomenon of Bulldogs sleeping with their tongues out. Lola's has been out for about 6 weeks. I just love watching and listening to them sleep.
  12. Miss Lola

    URGENT!!! Help Please! Is Benadryl safe for Puppies???

    Little Floyd has come down with hives all over in the last few hours. His face is fine as is his breathing so I don't feel the need for a night time emergency vet trip. But He seems itchy and looks uncomfortable to me and I'd like to go pick him up some Benadryl. He is 15 1/2 weeks and weighs 17...
  13. Miss Lola

    Stoned on Pot

    Well the other night ended up with a trip to the emergency Vet Hospital in the next town over thinking Lola was dying. The started getting lethargic then she started to shake from side to side while her paws went out from under her. I thought she was having a seizure. She then fell over and went...
  14. Miss Lola

    Help Needed! Crate Training

    For those of you who use crates at night Can you please tell me where in your house you successfully have the crates. We tried crates at first and were unsuccessful due to them being used as a toilet but our pups have started some destructive behaviour (destroying the crown moulding) so I don't...
  15. Miss Lola

    DNA test positive for Hyperuricosuria

    Well we just got Floyd's test results back and he has two copies of the HU mutation, as we suspected. It sucks but it's better than what the alternative was. Now to start planning his diet, a little trickier as he is so young but feeling somewhat relieved to have an answer.
  16. Miss Lola

    The " But we're innocent " look!

    Floyd and Lola when they were caught chewing the carpet on the stairs! How do you give those cute faces trouble?
  17. Miss Lola

    Feeling sad :(

    We picked our little Floyd up on Tuesday and had a quick puppy health check at the vet and it went well. After having him home for several hours we noticed his lack of control with his bladder. He was peeing a little bit on us and in his bed on the couch in his sleep (which I thought was...
  18. Miss Lola

    New addition in the Family!

    Today we welcomed a little boy into our family. Lola's half brother, same dad different mom. They are 7 weeks apart in age. We have named him Floyd.
  19. Miss Lola

    Two pups in a crate????

    A question for any of you who had/have two pups at the same time. Did you crate them together or separate? We currently have Lola who is just over 13 weeks and we have our little boy arriving tomorrow who is 7weeks. If they get along I don't see why not but would like any advice from others with...
  20. Miss Lola

    Hello from Canada

    Hi everyone, My husband and I have been in love with Bulldogs for years and finally the timing was right and we brought home our first baby girl a month ago. Lola is 11 weeks now and we are so in love with her. Now we are going to look at a playmate for her this weekend. Hoping to add a...