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  1. 2BullyMama

    Crazy dogs

    Ugh! How old are they? Have you been able to teach them any commands… stay, leave it?
  2. 2BullyMama

    Thanks to 2BullyMama for getting me the info to order...

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰…. She really does amazing work! so happy it brought joy to Sandy! I have two of them and every day they bring a smile and warm my heart…. I wish the same for you and Sandy! mini will always have a special place with all of us
  3. 2BullyMama

    Aggression Towards Strangers

    Nothing in life is free is a great east training tool
  4. 2BullyMama

    Blisters Nose Rope

    My guy gets this during allergy season…. Raw goats milk is my go to for probiotic along with once sometimes twice a day cleaning with witch Hazel on a cotton pad.
  5. 2BullyMama

    Aggression Towards Strangers

    It could be how they are approaching him… you should do a some time where they come in with you ther to see how they approach, or if you have a video camera in home see if that will help .
  6. 2BullyMama

    Aggression Towards Strangers

    Totally agree with Chip.
  7. 2BullyMama


    Agreed… bulldog pups when dealing with these type of infection, stay the course of what the vet advises. sending healing prayers
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    UPDATE ** Puppy cough, phlegm, productive

    Any update… how is she?
  9. 2BullyMama

    Dry skin

    The one photo looks like it could be staph…. I’d have the vet test/scape to confirm
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    I was thinking same thing… grass or environmental reaction. Wipe his paws, belly and face after being in the grass. Works for my guy and he is allergic to pretty much everything green
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    5 year old British bulldog limping

    I second the tumeric paste
  12. 2BullyMama

    Hot weather toys

    I do raw marrow, then take that empty bone, rinse it and stuff with peanut butter … also buy frozen goats milk. My current two are not into ice cubes, they just spit them out. Our first two loved ice cubes and frozen beef stock
  13. 2BullyMama

    Nail clippers

    MY groomer uses a Dremal! 😂😂😂😂. I cut the quick once and never did them again
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    Just hanging out!

    She sure knows how to relax
  15. 2BullyMama

    Look mom I can blow bubbles!

  16. 2BullyMama

    Seasonal Allergies

    This could be food related…. What are you curent ly feeding
  17. 2BullyMama

    My dog vomits often on mornings

    Welcome to EBN! What does the vomit look like… clear, yellow any food in it?
  18. 2BullyMama

    Continual scratching right ear

    Welcome! It could be env allergies too i put my two on raw and our bulldog, Lambeau gets a Cytopoint shot every month because without it, he is constantly at his ears and they get , dirty, waxy and infected . @helsonwheels might have an essential oil suggestion to help with ears. I think it...
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    New Member and Lots To Learn

    Welcome to EBN!!
  20. 2BullyMama

    New Owner - Food Advice

    It is shedding season so keep that in mind if you are thinking of changing just due to that