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  1. NigelsMom

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for my ornament!

    Thank you for my very first Frenchy ornament @2BullyMama I love it!
  2. NigelsMom

    Merry Christmas! Thank you to our Secret Santa Murphy!

    This is Ian's first Christmas so he is loving the part of the gifts. Now he thinks every delivery is for him. I didn't get video but here are some cute pics. His favorite gift is the Peanut Butter Bone. Thank you to Murphy!
  3. NigelsMom

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    My beautiful boy is gone. We had to say goodbye early morning yesterday. It looked like bloat My heart is shattered and the joy he gave me is now gone. He passed with me and my husband and kids around him. We said our goodbyes and let him know what a good boy he was and how much we loved him...
  4. NigelsMom

    General Question Looking for feedback on Freshpet Vital Food - not on list since the list hasn't been updated lately.

    Please share any feedback if you have used this food or are feeding it now. What is the portion size you feed to your bully? Thank you!
  5. NigelsMom

    Nigel and Santa Pics plus Happy Birthday Nigel Wentworth!

    Today is a very special day - Nigel turns 8 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET BOY! He went to see Santa last night and was such a good boy. Here are his pics with Santa. Merry Christmas to all our Bully Family!
  6. NigelsMom

    Thank you for my ornament!

    Annie1991 I received my ornament and I love it! Thank you I especially love how it’s sitting like they really do sit. Merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. NigelsMom

    Thank you to our Secret Santa Paws!

    Thank you - Nigel loves his gifts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. NigelsMom

    Is High Protein in dog food bad?

    I wanted beef flavor for Nigel and the bag said high protein - I didn't think it would affect him but now he's got diarrhea. any info would be helpful. thank you!
  9. NigelsMom

    Need to find a new food...HELP!

    So there have been changes to pet food companies so I don't know how updated our Dog Food Ratings page is since it is from 2011 - I need to find a new food for Nigel so please share what you are feeding and help me make my decision. I know he needs a grain free recipe and he does experience...
  10. NigelsMom

    Happy 7th Birthday Nigel Wentworth Sinclair!

    Today my beloved boy turns 7 years old! I’m so blessed to be his mom and he has filled our lives with such joy. He is my dream dog and I will cherish our time together always. He isn’t spoiled just well taken care of. My lil treasure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIGEL! ❤️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. NigelsMom

    Our Beloved Karly has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

    On Sunday, September 10, 2017 - our precious Karly was not breathing properly and by late afternoon it had worsened to the point that we had to go to the ER Vet. By the time we got there her tongue was turning purple and she was struggling they rushed her to the back but we were not able to...
  12. NigelsMom

    Tis the Season is just around the corner...

    So are we doing Christmas Cards and Secret Santas and Ornament Exchanges for the paw parents? COUNT ME IN! Just let me know where to send my info. Thx!
  13. NigelsMom

    Nigel's 4th Birthday today!

    Today is a special day - My sweet Nigel turns 4 today! He is the light of my life and I'm so happy that we have had a great 4 years so far and look forward to many more. I love him so much and can't wait to get back home to play with him and smother him with lovins and he'll let me lol. He...
  14. NigelsMom

    Question - Can Bulldogs get upset and cause themselves to have diarrhea???

    So this week on Tuesday I did my laundry and washed my bedding - I make Nigel & Karly sleep on the floor next to the bed to avoid the shedding and have a clean bed for a day or two. Well I do this for Tues. & Wed. night - they will get up and go sleep in the recliners in the living room before...
  15. NigelsMom

    Must Share!

    Only fellow bully parents will understand - So every evening or every other evening we do grooming andthis consists of combing for fleas, medicating nose ropes and ear cleaning, andpaw cleaning and belly cleaning. I keepall their meds and tools in a little basket and when Nigel and Karly see...
  16. NigelsMom

    This is how smart Nigel is...let me tell you what he did...

    Sooooo I'm always amazed at how smart Nigel is cause he'll understand me when I speak to him - so the other day he pee'd on my bed and I was not aware until later as I was sitting in bed watching tv and smelled it - I could't figure out where it was coming from and then I found it and I remember...
  17. NigelsMom

    Other FYI - Just some info sharing regarding Water

    So some of you on my facebook may remember awhile back that just when we moved to another house in early March Nigel began having diarrhea issues and accidents (luckily not on the carpet). Well I wanted to share in case others have similar issues - it's always hard to pinpoint causes of our...
  18. NigelsMom

    I think Nigels is mad at mommy :(

    Well I think Nigel is mad at me - he's normally good about not tearing up his stuffy baby but I went out of town for the weekend and not long after I left he tore the stuffing out of his Snoopy. My son text me and told me then sent a pic. When I returned home on Sunday evening he was running...
  19. NigelsMom

    We move this weekend...

    So we will be moving to a new house this weekend and I wonder if anyone has any tips on how their housebreaking will be affected? Any tips to minimize damage or accidents? Appreciate any thoughts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. NigelsMom

    Happy Homecoming Anniversary Nigel!

    Well 3yrs ago today (2/12) I picked up Nigel to bring him home! I can still remember it like it was yesterday - the excitement, the preparations, just like bringing home a new baby! Awww when his paws pads were so soft and new! I love my boy so much! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk