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    What are your bullies doing right now?? Please Post a Pic

    Late morning, pre-walk nap. Wellie was not happy with me taking his pic during nap time.
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    Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    First off, I'm ridiculously excited that this year I have an entire house I can decorate for Christmas. It sure beats putting up just one tree in our 700sq apartment! Thing is, I really want to do the front yard. Nothing crazy, just the huge white pine up front, the 3 light columns and the...
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    K-9 Kraving Dog Food Has Announced a Voluntary Recall of Their Chicken Patties Dog Food

    10/2/15: K-9 Kraving Dog Food has announced a voluntary recall of their Chicken Patties Dog Food shipped between July 13th - July 17th, 2015 because these products may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.More info. can be found here: K-9 Kraving Dog Food Has Announced a...
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    Photo And Video Theme: Last Weekend Swimming at the Lake..

    I don't post pics of my two very often, but I kinda went picture happy this weekend since there won't be too many weekends left to play in the warm weather. House and landscaping still isn't done (for those of you that know we're in the middle of a major renovation) so what you're seeing in...
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    Spoiled Much??

    Talk about a spoiled bulldog.. wow.. I change their water three times a day. Breakfast, Dinner and before bed. Just now, we came in after our last walk. I didn't change their water right away. Blue stood in the entryway to the kitchen panting and looking at me. Couldn't figure out what he...
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    Does Your Vet Really Listen?

    Reading Riikka's ( RiiSi) post earlier about Usko was an eye opener for me. She articulated exactly how I feel about my former vet. How she treated every issue my boys had as a breed issue, not as a condition specific to their health. For instance, her treatment of choice for Blue and Wellie...
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    Yep, this is about
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    Should the Incoming Dog Leave? Or, Should the Dog in the Park Leave?

    Tonight Chris and I decided to take Blue and Wellie to the dog park. There's a doggie pool there with a doggie fire hydrant that Wellie loves. I turn it on for him and he runs in an out trying to catch the incoming water. As we're approaching the park, there's an older dog that runs to the...
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    Can't believe this happened..

    So I know I started a thread about Wellie pulling but what happened earlier today takes the cake. We went on our daily walk earlier. Everything was going fine until he saw a group of pigeons congregating around some food. He went after them at full speed, but this time, his harness ripped and...
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    Prey Drive

    I know that Bulldogs aren't exactly known for their prey drive. Wellie apparently never got the memo. He chases pigeons, squirrels, joggers and bicycles. We got a two handle leash : The Grrrip Two Handled Dog Leash - 1" x 6' Black : Pet Leashes : Pet Supplies to keep him close to us...
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    Farmina N&D Grain Free Canine Formulas

    Ever since Stella & Chewy's had the recall, it's been madness at my place. Some of you may know that I'm very anal about what I want to feed my boys. We've been through Fromm, Stella & Chewy's Raw, Royal Canine HP (rx food) for skin issues, then back to S & C, and now on Canidae because of the...
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    Vital Essentials Frozen Raw Recall 7/7/15

    Another voluntary recall. "July 7, 2015 Vital Essentials frozen raw dog food is being recalled for Listeria. Consumers who have purchased this product should not feed it to their dogs. The Green bay, Wis.-based company is recalling Frozen Beef Tripe Patties and Frozen Beef Tripe Nibblets sold...
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    Yeasty Nose Rope

    Over the weekend, Wellie spent a lot of time playing with the hose. He likes Chris to move it around and he pounces on it. Anyway, he got his entire face drenched, nose rope included and of course now we have yeast. I've been using TrizChlor 4 wipes because he absolutely hates mal-a-ket and...
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    Washer and Dryer.. Can anyone recommend?

    Never thought I'd see the day that I went shopping for washers, dryers, fridges, etc. Have always lived in apartments that came with appliances so this is all new to me. Now I have a laundry room and need to replace the washer/dryer that came with the house. I was waiting for the 4th of July...
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    Interesting Product

    Google "Woof Washer 360" Saw it posted on FB and thinking of getting it. Looks kinda cheesy but thinking it would save a ton of time washing the boys and maybe they'd enjoy it for once. What do you guys think? Interesting? or waste of money? Lol..
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    Remove the Cat.. OMG

    :bigeyes: His face when realizes there's a cat.. lol..
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    Anyone ever heard of Glandex?

    For Anal Gland issues? Someone on FB said it works. I've never heard of it, but would try almost anything to help Wellie stop releasing on my furniture.
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    Stem Cell Therapy for Treating Arthritis

    Someone in one of my FB groups mentioned stem cell therapy for treating arthritis in our babies. I've never heard of it so did a quick search on my vet hospitals site and found out my boys surgeon is actually in charge of the program here. This can be an option for those of us that have older...
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    Highly Contagious Strain of Canine Flu in Chicago..

    Was just on the news. Hoping everyone reads the link below: Six Pups Dead as Dog Flu Outbreak Rises to 1,100 Cases in Chicago-Area - NBC News