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    Happy New Year from me and my family to you and yours :newyear7:
    :snowballfight: SNOW BALL FIGHT!!!!!!! Smack 5 other people with one, but you can't hit me since I hit you!!!!!
    Thankyou i think you played a big part in my winning this time
    Shoot me? I am looking for it right now! Okay..I found it, but it has horrible reviews. Is this the app you are using? I'm kinda afraid to install it. Let me know! And, Vegas had a tiny bit of help with the hanger. He was just a puppy and curious about the hanger. Got himself into most of the mess. I helped with the paw.
    Yea not in Jersey! Anything would be too far also! I am scared of this weather! Its windy and nice and then 1hr later its sunny and hot! We have the backayrd setup for him so we are close to indoors...Watson! Give him a :hug: for me !!!!
    Oh my goodness! I :heart: Watson's pictures!!! HE is soooooo cute! I would love to see how Brutus was in the sand but I dont know what beach we are allowed if any! :( Hope all is well ! :)
    :D good choice its a brilliant photo of him :heart:
    Oh wow!! I love your profile :up: how did you do it......Not why I came though. Never mind about forfeit...get that pic of Watson in the contest:nonono: He stands as good a chance as anyone else xx I :love: him! He has such a beautiful smushy face :love:
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