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    Dermoid cyst

    Thank you for your help
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    Dermoid cyst

    We are set to get a new puppy (Reggie) who had a dermoid cyst removed. It was on outside of his eye(opposite of cherry eye) and it was not touching his eye at all. It didn't bother us too much as it was taken care of. But we just got a call from our breeder that it has started to come back...
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    Looking for a Breeder in the MidWest

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the help
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    Looking for a Breeder in the MidWest

    We lost our loved Walter this past spring to cancer and our home has been too empty since then. We are looking for a breeder in the MidWest to hopefully purchase our next bulldog next spring. We live in the corner of SW Minnesota, NW Iowa, and SE South Dakota but are willing to travel wherever...
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    ~ENTER HERE~ April Bulldog of the Month Contest "Beautiful Bulldog Smiles"

    Re: ~ENTER HERE~ April Bulldog of the Month Contest "Beautiful Bulldog Smiles"
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    How often do you give your EBD a bath?

    Walter gets a bath one of 2 ways 1. starts to get the sour smell 2. lays in the bathtub and wines until i fill the tub now that we have a new baby, Walter thinks he gets to have a bath everytime we give our other baby a bath
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    A boy and his bulldog

    So I posted a few months ago worried about our bulldog Walter and a new baby on the way. Walter has lots of energy and I was a little worried how he would take not getting all of the attention anymore. Well I was worried for nothing. Walter does't leave his side and really enjoys using the bumbo...
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    Dog door

    Walter actually isn't a big fan of the sun and seeks out the shade whenever possible. We have 3 large shade trees in our back yard as well as a kiddy pool for him. He also wouldn't have free access to go outside at all times, just when we are home.
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    Dog door

    We just fenced in our yard and want to put in a dog door for him but I can't find one that is wide enough for his shoulders. has anybody else had luck with one and if so could you point me in the right direction.
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    Walter loves water and his pool, as long as it is only belly deep. Tried the life jacket thing in a calm lake, him no like.
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    Daily poll: How many cups of kibble do you feed your bulldog each day?

    Walter is on full feed. He does a good job of not over eating though. Some days he eats more, some less.
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    April 2014 Bulldog of the Month Contest ~ENTER HERE~

    Walter sporting his birthday hat
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    Daily poll: Does your bulldog beg when you are eating?

    Walter sits very patiently at out feet. He knows he is the official pre-wash department.